The Government presents to the communities a plan for an eventual ‘rescalada’ by a new extension of the Covid

The Government presents to the communities a plan for an eventual 'rescalada' by a new extension of the Covid

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Less than a month after the lifting of the alarm state and the arrival of the ‘new normal’ occurred concluded the de-escalation process, the Government is preparing in case it is necessary go back up the steep slope of the pandemic. The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, will present this Monday to the autonomous communities a plan to tackle a possible ‘re-escalation’. In the event that coronavirus infections spike again, the Government has prepared a strategy on what to do if that case came and the collection of material necessary that has been done so far.

Mandatory mask in Ordizia to control the outbreak

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Mandatory mask in Ordizia to control the outbreak

These two elements are part of the Preparation and response plan for increases in transmission of the Covid that Illa will present to the regional Health Councilors at a meeting that This Monday is two days ahead, since it is usually held on Wednesdays, and in the midst of a wave of Covid outbreaks throughout Spain that have even led to the confinement of part of the province of Lleida again.

Before, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez will meet again with the Coronavirus Monitoring Committee before flying to Amsterdam to try to convince the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, of his vision of Recovery Plan of the EU.

Despite this, sources of Health They deny that the plan has been precipitated by the current increase in infections. They assure that it had been working time in a strategy that tries to prevent “in view of what might happen “. What’s more, the Council of Ministers was already able to find out some of its details at its meeting last week.

The Plan covers various aspects of situations related to Covid that may occur once the alarm state is lifted. These could also include a classification of the different territories according to three risk levels: low, medium and high.

Illa will present this plan to the communities in a inter-territorial council of Health that has advanced two days. During the most acute phase of the crisis, the encounters were twice a week and with the new normal it was agreed to reduce them to once, the Wednesday specific.

However, the minister has already called the councilors on Monday at a meeting in which regional sources also indicate that the generalization of the obligation to use a mask will be discussed -although a minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be observed- that communities such as Catalonia, Baleares The Estremadura.


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