the host gives reassuring news on video!

the host gives reassuring news on video!

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Cyril Hanouna injured during his vacation: the host gives reassuring news on video!

Cyril Hanouna announced at the end of last week that he was injured after a big fall on his bike. A few days later, the facilitator is much better. The proof in pictures !

He had given a big fright to his subscribers last Friday. While he was enjoying his vacation, Cyril Hanouna had a big crash on my bike! The host of C8 was very scared and revealed on social networks that his accident could have been very serious …: “Dear ones, I didn’t want to worry you but I had a very big fall on my bike which could have been very very serious, explains the host of C8. Fortunately I was able to control the fall and avoid the worst. But the arm is affected and the wrist broken, a priori “. “Finally, more fear than harm: after a visit to doctors, Cyril Hanouna learned that he had no fracture and now wears a splint on his right forearm, which goes up to the middle of his hand. And obviously, the host does not let himself be defeated by this big sore. In a video posted on his Instagram account, we see him, full of energy, playing ping-pong and running around the table. concern for the TV presenter: his right hand being immobilized, he must do everything with the left! A hell of a challenge for this right-hander. “Forced to start ping-pong with your left hand!“, he indicated in the caption of his video. It is clear that he is doing pretty well!

A busy 2020 start for Cyril Hanouna

For the start of the school year, the TV host changes (almost) everything! He chose to rock his talk show Balance ton post ! on a daily basis. The program will be offered from Monday to Friday on the old box of It’s just TV!, and new columnists (Gaspard Gantzer, Geoffroy Lejeune, Rokhaya diallo) join the team. Will then be broadcast Do not touch My TV !, before Take it or leave it does not take over. Friday is Valérie Bénaïm who will take control of the game formerly hosted by Arthur. In short: very busy weeks for Cyril Hanouna, who is therefore doing everything to enjoy his holidays!


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