The Minister of Health of Axel Kicillof assured that “the most probable” is to return to phase 3 of the quarantine after July 17

The Minister of Health of Axel Kicillof assured that

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06-12-2020 Buenos Aires – Argentina Coronavirus Testing in Barrio San Jorge Tigre. Buenos Aires Minister of Health Daniel Gollán Mayor Julio Tigre Zamora and Development the Andrés Larroque Community. Photo: Luciano Thieberger. FTP CLARIN IMG_20200612_100838.jpg Z MFBuente fuente

Last Wednesday a new cover of social, preventive and compulsory isolation began at the AMBA. A much harder than the previous ones, similar to the one that Alberto Fernández decreed at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the great unknown, in addition to what results it will bring, is how the regions that entered that phase 1 will leave once the stipulated time has expired. Daniel Gollán, Minister of Health of the province of Buenos Aires, believes that “Most likely, we will move to one similar to the one we had before July 1“that is, phase 3 on the scale established by the national government.

Speaking to El Destape radio, Gollán revealed that the objective of the new isolation “is for the contagion curve to slow down the way of growth” and warned that “you have to see what impact it has on the neighborhoods. “

“We have to see if the intra-neighborhood circulation also decreases and the people stay at home and in what proportion. Today we have community circulation in many areas and if people move around the neighborhood contagions are also facilitated“Gollán explained about the reasons that can impact good or bad results.

In this regard, he added: “In theory, there has always been an effect that when the circulation is drastically lowered, the circulation of the virus also decreases, it is a constant. What is not measurable is to what extent one is achieving this lower circulation from the people”.

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Gollán also explained that in the last days the growth of the occupation of intensive care beds in the province of Buenos Aires, “the best indicator” according to his point of view, “had been 1 or 2%” daily and that ” that is going to keep the quarantine going. ”

The results of a possible decrease will be seen from here to two weeks. There we will be able to show if the decrease in general circulation that is being evaluated is between 30 and 50 percent seen on the street, “he admitted.

In addition, the minister revealed that the number of intensive care beds available for patients with coronavirus continues to increase and that “Today we have a thousand more beds and we hope to have 200 more in the coming days”.

Moreover, he touched an issue that generated unrest within the provincial government, referring to the possibility of Buenos Aires participating in Covid-19 vaccine and treatment trials. “There are several vaccines in the world that are being tested that would enter phase 3. We are in talks because if Argentina is chosen, obviously the province that is going to have to be due to the number of cases is Buenos Aires,” he assured.

“We have the capacity to do it if this possibility appears, due to the number of hospitals, the number of patients, the capacity and the experience of years of doing clinical trials. We have all the condiments to carry this out“, got excited.

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In this line, he said that “the experiment being carried out with plasma” is giving “so far encouraging results on a decrease in the case fatality rate, but at certain times.” He explained that “if you give plasma to a patient who has been intubated for several days and with multiple organ failure, it is very likely that it will not have a positive effect” and that instead if you give “other types of patients” the results “are encouraging ”

Gollán also highlighted again the decision to prioritize health, he said that the economy “is going to fall the same as in the whole world” although everything is open and that “the difference is if we are going to have more or less deaths and we are having resounding success if we compare ourselves with the region and the world. ”

Lastly, he referred to the type of quarantine that President Alberto Fernández is carrying out and compared it to that of a neighboring country. “There’s a lot of talk about smart quarantine and Chile was the smart and surgical quarantine and it was a disaster. In Argentina we are making an intelligent request against “, he sentenced.

“As we measure the country by what happens only in Buenos Aires, it seems that we do not have an intelligent quarantine, but as a country it is smart, because where it has been possible to open it has been opened and if it has to be closed, it is closed. There is no smarter than that “he concluded.



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