the model poses without make-up, internet users conquered

the model poses without make-up, internet users conquered

Cristina Cordula is enjoying a few days of vacation. The young woman has just unveiled a photo of her naturally on social networks and Internet users are won over.

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Cristina Cordula: the model poses without makeup, internet users conquered

Cristina Cordula is talking about her right now. The former model has been hosting the show Les Reines du shopping for several years now. But his sometimes clear-cut opinion annoys some internet users. Indeed, several viewers reproached him for his lack of indulgence. On social networks, we could read many comments such as: ‘In fact it looks like Cristina she never likes anything suddenly it gets drunk after a while as soon as a candidate presents something you’re sure that Cristina won’t like “,” Are there really people who listen to Cristina Cordula’s advice? ”

“I take care of my skin”

But it seems that his community did not hold it against him. On vacation, Cristina Cordula posted a selfie in which she reveals herself 100% naturally. Internet users were won over by this shot in view of the many comments under the publication. “How do you manage to have such beautiful skin?”, “I find you too beautiful and too stylish”, “How beautiful my darling”, “Magnifaïïïïk!”, “I am always amazed by your beauty. The years have no impact, time seems to have stood still for you “.

In addition to her beauty secret, which she revealed in response to an Internet user: “I take care of my skin”. His other secret is known to all: love. Indeed, on June 11, Cristina Cordula celebrated her three years of marriage with her husband Frédéric Cassin : “3 years already ?! A moment of so much happiness and love in our life … Unforgettable”.

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