The new theme of Los Palmeras that is all the rage on social networks on Friend’s Day

The new theme of Los Palmeras that is all the rage on social networks on Friend's Day

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Los Palmeras are one of the most traditional bands in Argentina (Photo: Instagram) (Pablo Riggio /)

This Monday, July 20, the Friends day. But unlike in other years, many people will not be able to gather to celebrate with their loved ones due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a difficult context due to quarantine, Argentines must manage to keep in touch with their friends through video calls, WhatsApp messages or greetings via social networks.

To give a little joy, Los Palmeras released their new song The friends that I have. The popular Santa Fe group from Cumbia has had a great repercussion for this song on social networks. On YouTube, the video clip already had more than 90 thousand views a few hours after its premiere. While on the official Instagram account, they have already managed to overcome the 40 thousand reproductions.

“Friends have anyone, anyone can have them, but not everyone has the friends that I have”, The catchy theme begins which is sure to become a hit. “What life gives me are true friends, they are friends forever, friends to the end, friends are always there when you need them, they are brothers in life who give us happiness,” he interprets. Rubén Cacho Deicas, the leader of the gang.

“The # DíaDelAmigo arrives, Together with @cumbiatubeoficial we leave a new production for you to dedicate to that person you love so much. From #SantaFe to the world, the new of their friends, of course, for life #LosPalmeras ”, they wrote on the Instagram account to present this song in honor of friendship to their thousands of followers.

Los Palmeras are one of the most traditional bands in Argentina, with almost half a century of experience. Recently, they achieved a recognition when being chosen for the cover of the magazine Billboard, the prestigious American magazine specialized in music that has its edition in Argentina. Singer Rubén Cacho Deicas and accordionist Marcos Camino appear on the cover of the June issue and provided an interview for the medium.

Los Palmeras (Billboard)

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Los Palmeras (Billboard)

The musicians remembered their beginnings in 1972, under the name Sexteto Palmeras. The band did not take long to gain popularity in Santa Fe and surroundings and, after some changes in its members, it was renamed Grupo Palmeras. In 1976 they recorded their first two albums, Los Palmeras and I will give you my life, already with the name that is known until today. “People said ‘let’s go see the Palms’, so we believed that the best way was to use the name with which the public baptized us”, they counted.

When asked about the comparison made by the group’s fans, who have categorized them as “the Rolling Stones of cumbia”, Cacho showed all his humility: “Not at all. Equally for us it is a compliment that they compare us with The Rolling. In the end, the audience is the one who endures you and shows affection in each presentation. That they shake hands with us looking at each other’s eyes is very nice ”. And Marcos added: “They say that Los Palmeras are Los Rolling de la cumbia, we say that Los Rolling Stones are Los Palmeras de Inglaterra”.

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