The Pentaphone reveals that Russia works with the Taliban to accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

The Pentaphone reveals that Russia works with the Taliban to accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

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A report by the United States Department of Defense has revealed that Russia has worked with the Taliban and other groups in Afghanistan to accelerate the withdrawal of US troops from the country..

“Since February, the Russian government was working with the central, regional and Taliban governments to gain greater influence in Afghanistanaccelerate a US military withdrawal and address the security challenges that could arise from a withdrawal, “according to the report, which covers the period from December 2019 to May 2020.

Russia has politically supported the Taliban to cultivate their influence with the grouplimit the western military presence and encourage operations against the Islamic State, although Russia publicly denies its participation, “added the report, collected by the CNN television channel.

Likewise, Defense Department work says Moscow supports US-Taliban deal “in the hope” that a reconciliation between the two sides will avoid a long-term US military presence in the country.

Agreement between the US and the Taliban

According to the agreement signed in February, 135 days after the signing, a maximum of 8,600 US military personnel must remain in Afghanistan. In addition, it establishes the total withdrawal of foreign troops within 14 months.

The US Army has repeatedly accused Moscow of maintaining ties to the Taliban.But the Pentagon report, sent to the United States Congress, comes amidst the scrutiny to which the Administration of President Donald Trump is subjected, for its response to reports that Russian operatives had offered rewards to the Taliban for killing soldiers. United States and the United Kingdom to destabilize both countries.

The Trump Administration has affirmed that the president, who has described this information as “deceitful”, did not receive that information, but various media outlets point out that he did, and, apparently, there was no concrete response.

In this sense, the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has defended this Wednesday the handling of information by the US Executive and he has assured that he answered “exactly the right way”.

We respond in precisely the right way to make sure that our forces were in a proper position, that they were aware of the level of the threat, the credibility of the threat and that we were there, “Pompeo insisted.


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