The president of the Association of Magistrates maintained that there is a “subjugation of the Judiciary to violate its independence”

The president of the Association of Magistrates maintained that there is a

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Marcelo Gallo Tagle (JAVIER GONZALEZ TOLEDO /)

The judicial corporation was put on alert: the judicial reform with focus on the Comodoro Py courts to be announced this Friday, the initiative on the expansion of Supreme Court ministers through an advisory council, the official request to review the transfers of the judges… Everything on the same stage and in the same moment. “We are concerned with all these measures and the subjugation of the Judiciary to violate its independence“, said to Infobae Judge Marcelo Gallo Tagle, president of the Association of Magistrates and Officials of the National Justice (AMFJN).

Gallo Tagle is the owner of an entity that gathers judges, prosecutors, defenders, officials and members of the expert bodies that perform functions in the national justice of the Federal Capital and in the federal justice with seat in the 23 Argentine provinces. Tomorrow, the Judicial Council will begin to debate the initiative of the Executive to review a dozen transfers that were made, especially in the management of Mauricio Macri. Some of the observing judges have or had cases against the vice president Cristina Kirchner. Other magistrates questioned hold electoral positions.

When consulted by Infobae Regarding these transfers, Gallo Tagle stated: “It is a subject that arises at an inopportune moment. I do not know if it is about or not the review of the transfers, but what is clear is that it is not the Council that has to analyze that if they were not well done. ”

It is that, as he remarked, here it is about decisions made by the Executive Power in the previous administration. “Any investigation into these transfers cannot be done by the Judicial Council. The Council has no competence to overturn a decision of the Executive, It has no competition, “he said. “You can’t skip this fence, “he said.

Sources consulted by this means indicated that several of the transferred judges who are targeted have already gone to the association to express their concern at the initiative that the Executive representative made official last week. Geronimo Ustarroz in the Selection Committee of the Judicial Council, which is chaired by the deputy Graciela Caamano.

The focus is on ten judges: Zunilda Niremberger (Chaco judge), Esteban Hansen (judge of Jujuy) and Maria Veronica Skanata (Posadas judge) -they resolve on electoral questions-; Enrique Velázquez (for 17 years juvenile judge) and Juan Manuel Iglesias (Oral Court of Chaco). There are also passes Federico Villena (federal court of Lomas de Zamora), Eduardo Farah | (Oral Criminal Court of San Martín), Germán Castelli (member of the Federal Oral Court) and the pair of Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi (Buenos Aires Federal Chamber). Precisely, it is about Bruglia and Bertuzzi, who confirmed many of the prosecutions of Cristina Kirchner, where the greatest glances are concentrated.

“Revenge? I don’t know the intentions. We see the behaviors –said to Infobae Rooster Tagle We are concerned with all these measures and the subjugation of the Judiciary to violate its independence ”.

The judge assured that “in this context, everything is suspicious and appears as a strong subjugation of the Judiciary and its independence ”. And he pointed out that these issues are being analyzed by the Association of Magistrates “with great concern.” They have not yet made a statement in a statement.

After highlighting that “the Nation is three powers”, the head of the entity stated: “we are alarmed that this number of projects, in the way they are presented” because they appear as “attacks to modify certain structures” that make one of the powers of the Republic.

“President Alberto Fernández announced the day of his oath, but also at the opening of ordinary sessions of Congress, that The independence of the Judiciary was to be respected and that no interference with justice was to be allowed. We applaud that speech. But now it seems that these measures are affecting independence ”, The organisation’s representative said in a clear message of elevation to the government authorities.

That is why Gallo Tagle affirmed: “There is a lot of activity tending to modify questions of Justice: reforms, appointments, enlargements of the number of members of the Court, transfers … All relevant issues that, due to the ways and times in which they are being carried out, they are not adequate ”.


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