The President received the support of the governors on the issue of debt and announced the extension of the IFE to the entire country

Alberto Fernández received the support of the governors for the negotiation of the debt and announced more containment measures for the pandemic

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Videoconference with governors

President Alberto Fernández won the support of the governors for the foreign debt negotiations today and at the same time announced a package of measures to continue transiting the pandemic with resolutions ranging from the extension of the IFE to the entire country, a new turn of funds and help in the negotiation of the debt in dollars that the provinces have.

Through a videoconference that the head of state led today from the Olivos estate, he announced to the provincial leaders the extension of the aid program for workers in the informal economy and monotributistas of the lowest categories. Thus, it was confirmed that IFE 3 will be for the entire country and not only for the areas most haunted by COVID-19, as had been speculated a few weeks ago. There was no discussion of how the quarantine will continue throughout the country from July 17 since that will be resolved next week.

As a central measure announced today by Alberto Fernández, the Government will advance this month with the payment of the third stage of the IFE, which includes an amount of 10,000 pesos to each of the almost 8 million beneficiaries who signed up.

“There was very good predisposition and support from the governors to the President in the negotiation of the debt,” he told Infobae a provincial president who participated in the videoconference. Alberto Fernández was accompanied by the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero; the finance minister, Martín Guzmán; the interior minister, Eduardo Path from Pedro, and the secretary of the Presidency, Julio Vitobello.

The support expressed by the governors to the new debt negotiation proposal that the Government made to the bondholders was given almost simultaneously to the information that reached Buenos Aires of the rejection of the main groups of creditors to the Argentine proposal to restructure its liabilities.

Through a video conference that the head of state shared from the Olivos estate with the provincial leaders, Guzmán communicated some details of the proposal that Argentina presented to the SEC to continue negotiations with creditors in order to be able to present a modification agreed with the main funds.


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Guzmán and Alberto Fernández also highlighted the support that Argentina received today from the members of the G20 and the Paris Club to the offer presented by Argentina to creditors. During a videoconference that Guzmán held today with his peers from the G20, the Minister of Economy of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Jadaan, He was one of the most emphatic in going out to support the Argentine debt restructuring process.

In this context, the governors listened to the words of Alberto Fernández and endorsed the Argentine negotiation that lasted until August. It was a support “Unanimously”, according to officials of the Casa Rosada.

On the other hand, the President announced that from next week 10,000 million pesos more will be paid to the provinces as Contributions from the National Treasury (ATN) that the Ministry of the Interior distributes according to the federal tax co-participation. This new transfer of funds is part of the $ 60,000 million global budget allocated by the Casa Rosada to respond to the emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the provinces. The Government has already turned around $ 45,000 million so far and it is expected that in parallel the Ministry of Finance will begin to turn another $ 60,000 million that it plans to send to the governors as part of a loan from the IDB and the World Bank to alleviate the effects of the pandemic. .

President Alberto Fernández also told the provincial leaders that the Government will offer help in negotiating the dollar debts that the provinces had contracted before the pandemic. This was an issue that concerned the provincial leaders.

In the videoconference that they had with the President were Horacio Rodríguez Larreta (CABA); Axel Kicillof (Buenos Aires), Jorge Capitanich (Chaco), Raúl Jalil (Catamarca), Mariano Arcioni (Chubut), Gustavo Valdés (Corrientes), Juan Schiaretti (Córdoba), Alicia Kirchner (Santa Cruz), Gustavo Bordet (Entre Ríos) , Gildo Insfrán (Formosa), Gerardo Morales (Jujuy), Sergio Zilliotto (La Pampa), Rodolfo Suárez (Mendoza), Ricardo Quintela (La Rioja), Oscar Herrera (Misiones), Omar Gutiérrez (Neuquén), Arabela Carreras (Río Negro ), Gustavo Sáenz (Salta), Sergio Uñac (San Juan), Alberto Rodríguez Saá (San Luis), Omar Perotti (Santa Fe), Juan Manzur (Tucumán), Gustavo Melella (Tierra del Fuego) and Gerardo Zamora (Santiago del Estero ).

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