the reform “is the total colonization of the federal jurisdiction, worse than in the Menemism”

the reform

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The prosecutor José María Campagnoli pointed against the bill judicial reform of the oficialismo and he assured that it is an “attempt to manipulate and subdue one of the powers of the Republic”. “This is worse than the time of Menemism“he said.

“We are witnessing the total colonization of the federal jurisdiction. This is worse than the time of the Menemism or the so-called self-amnesty, because now they are going to give the executive power the possibility of appointing 23 like-minded judges, which are sure to last a lifetime” Campagnoli expressed in dialogue with radio Network.

Along these lines, the prosecutor considered that the judicial reform is “an attempt to manipulate and subdue one of the powers of the Republic.” “The pandemic was the ideal excuse to do a lot of things that could not happen in normal times,” he added. “All this has an attempt of impunity for their own and persecution for the enemies,” he said.

Discomfort in Court with Alberto’s statements: “She is not paralyzed”

He also commented: “The judicial reform project is bad news for Argentines, because it is a new stone on the road that will delay us another 30 years. It is a waste of money in this context of misery, where He talks about 50% of children being poor. ” “I can’t imagine how the bondholders who are negotiating with the minister (Martín) Guzmán will explain how we are going to pay for all this costly judicial reform,” he added.

One of the main points that was questioned to Alberto Fernández is the inclusion of Cristina Kirchner’s lawyer, Carlos Beraldi, in the advisory commission that, among other things, will discuss a possible expansion of the Supreme Court. “It is a clear sign of how things are going to be for the judges who are judging the vice president today,” she said.

Alberto Fernández replied to the opposition: “Today the Court is malfunctioning”

“Own president believed that the Supreme Court should have 5 members, because a greater quantity would make justice slower, given that there would be more people who have to consult and more doubts that would be generated, “he said.

While he clarified that “we have a justice that is slow and that it does not conform to anybody “, he expressed that” that does not mean that we have to manipulate the problem that we have today, for example, in Comodoro Py, why is quadrupling it“.

In this sense, he stated: “Reform must go the other way. It must have a strategic vision of what citizens want, which is that the justice we have acts faster and that the number of firm causes that today are hampered by the amount of resources that exist. ”



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