The return of soccer matches in Quebec already

The return of soccer matches in Quebec already

Two soccer teams playing a regular game. This is a picture that many amateurs did not hope to see for a long time.

And yet, Thursday afternoon at Parc de la Voie maritime, in Saint-Lambert, this is what a public – restricted – was entitled to.

Who would’ve believed that! launched Soccer Quebec general manager Mathieu Chamberland. At some point a few weeks ago, we did not expect to see a soccer game as we know it.

It should be noted that everything was not exactly as before. Without going as far as the measures taken in the major European championships, Soccer Quebec, following the public health directive, has established a very precise framework in which associations must organize their matches.

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Among the measures implemented by Soccer Quebec, the balls must be disinfected before the games.

There are several comparable, in Europe there are protocols that we cannot go to, like individual tests for players, we do not go there“, Specifies Chamberland.

Rather, it is the various prevention measures, such as washing hands, disinfecting the balls, we ask that the people around the match respect the distancing measures, we have an attendance sheet, there is no handshakes before the game, these are the things that are here to stay.

Of course at the beginning there are a lot of things to think about, manage, but the fact remains that we are happy to start playing againRecognized Rosalie Lanteigne, who was the referee of this match between the U16 FAA team of the Soccer Association of St-Lambert and the U17 FAA team of the Soccer Club of St-Hubert.

The players are really receptive, especially because they are happy to play, to be there. It’s going to be a different game with more competitive games, but so far it’s going well.

The coronavirus pandemic has obviously hit Soccer Quebec hard, which depends on its registrations to replenish its coffers. “In terms of registrations, as of today, we are more than 90,000 registrations, out of a total that usually borders on 170,000, we are more than 50% of what we usually have, we was waiting there“, Specifies Mathieu Chamberland.

The pandemic arrived at the high point of our registrations, but there is still time to register, I invite people to contact their clubs.

While activities were completely stopped two months ago, in a few weeks, the machine has therefore restarted, less than two weeks after the date of June 22 announced by public health and the Minister Delegate for Sports and Leisure, Isabelle Charest . Mathieu Chamberland expects most leagues to be able to resume their games by mid-July.

There is great satisfaction emerging, he believes. All the work that has been done by the players in soccer, so that young people can have a match [aujourd’hui], I find it admirable.

(Based on information from Olivier Tremblay)


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