The RFEF would study a possible Second division with 24 teams

The RFEF would study a possible Second division with 24 teams


The Fuenlabrada Case could cause a major change in the configuration of the SmartBank League next season. Within the Spanish Federation there are members who do not see the option of expanding the Second Division to 24 teams, as in England, but RFEF sources understand that this is a problem generated by LaLiga and that it must be that body, with the instruments it has, that solves it. Those same sources of Federation assure Ace that a SmartBank League with 24 teams is a scenario “that is not being considered now. The RFEF does not rule on a hypothetical League of 24 and hopes to collect all the information from the parties to study the matter. “

For his part, the president of the Professional Soccer League, Javier Tebas, remains firm in the idea that the SmartBank 2020-21 League will be made up of 22 teams and that Numancia and Deportivo will compete in Second B. The outbreak of positives within the Madrid club and its environment already totals 28 cases, which practically makes it impossible for Deportivo-Fuenlabrada to be disputed. In the Spanish Federation They are aware of the complicated scenario that has caused the positive Covid-19 registered in the Madrid club squad to end the season in the Second Division, but they hope LaLiga will find a solution for them.

Deportivo filed an appeal last Tuesday with the Competition Committee, requesting the cancellation of the last day and that it be repeated as Deportivo-Fuenlabrada had not played, but this Friday he went a step further and asked the RFEF for the precautionary suspension of the Second Division, as well as the immediate cessation of the process of ascents and descents while the process is not finished.

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Numancia, meanwhile, filed an appeal with the RFEF and LaLiga for the “serious adulteration” of the competition, and its president, Moisés Israel, claims a League of 24 teams in the Second division next season.

Before all the claims that have come to The REFF, this body has opened, through the Competition Committee, an extraordinary disciplinary file that is already underway. Right now, se is in the allegations phase for the clubs that have filed complaints regarding the postponement of the Deportivo-Fuenlabrada match, which are Deportivo, Elche, Rayo Vallecano and Numancia.

The investigating judge of the Federation has given three working days to present allegations to those involved, including Fuenlabrada. That term began this Friday and will run until next Tuesday. Therefore, as of Wednesday, the federative entity could meet to issue a verdict on the case. An appeal will be filed against that resolution before the TAD.


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