“The rich league president is immersed in ridicule”


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“Since yesterday, fate has reserved the worst experience for Attilio Fontana for a public man: sinking into the ridiculous”. The words, addressed to the governor of the Lombardy region, are those of Gad Lerner which, close to the investigation involving the President of the League, attacks: “Get caught by the Bank of Italy while you transfer 250 thousand euros to your brother-in-law from an account in Switzerland of 5.3 million, which you in turn had shielded ‘to bring them back from the Bahamas, it makes Fontana unpresentable first of all in the eyes of the Northern League people. “

“The rich league president”As reported by Libero, Lerner, who defines Fontana “rich“, he continued as follows:” The unprecedented figure of the wealthy League president, able to compensate his brother-in-law for his loss of earnings on the gowns provided by the region, completes the picture already emerged from the minor league supporters: grab collectors of positions, prebends and personal gains. “And finally:” When politics slips into the pochade, you have a lot to bring ‘malice justice’ into play “.

The storyYesterday, after the news of Fontana’s registration in the register of suspects for frode in public supply, the president said he was calm and confident about the work of the judiciary and in the evening, with a long post on Facebook, he clarified that he was living the investigation in peace. “I am emotionally involved in the embrace of solidarity and esteem that you have shown me throughout the day,” wrote the president at the beginning of the long message on the famous social network.

The investigation

The story focuses on the supply of gowns and other medical supplies by the Dama company, his brother-in-law and his wife, which has subsequently turned into a donation. The general manager of Aria (regional purchasing center), also under investigation, allegedly exonerated Fontana. However, the judiciary continued with the investigation. Meanwhile, in these hours, encouragement has arrived Mariastella Gelmini who exposed the position of Forza Italia: “Go ahead: it has the support of Forza Italia and that of the Lombard citizens, who, from the 5 Star Movement and the Democratic Party, asks for immediate resignation demonstrates its justicialist culture and its double weight (for a notice of guarantee Raggi in Rome or Appendino in Turin should have been dismissed over and over). We are guarantors, we believe in the Constitution and, therefore, we act accordingly “.


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