the situation is “under control” in Spain, assures the government

the situation is

The epidemic is on the rise in Spain with nearly a thousand daily cases Thursday and Friday, according to the latest official reports.

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Health instructions at the entrance to a park in Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona.

After the outbreak of coronavirus cases in the country, the Spanish government wished to reassure its population. He says the situation is “under control”, as a form of response to countries which have announced restrictions on Spain. Spain, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic, officially counts more than 28,400 deaths and 272,400 contaminations.

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From Sunday, passengers arriving from Spain to the UK will have to undergo a fortnight in isolation while Norway has again imposed restrictions on travel to Spain. French Prime Minister Jean Castex has for his part “strongly recommended” Friday to the French to “avoid” to go to Catalonia, region of northeastern Spain where the epidemic is particularly on the rise.

“Spain is a safe country”

“The Spanish government considers that the situation is under control, the outbreaks are located, have been isolated and controlled,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Spain is a safe country,” added the ministry, indicating that in the case of the British fortnight, Spain is “in contact” with London whose decisions it “respects”.

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The epidemic is on the rise in Spain with nearly a thousand daily cases Thursday and Friday, according to the latest official reports. The number of cases reported to the population has tripled in two weeks while more than 280 outbreaks are closely monitored by the authorities.

The regions have tightened the screw

The Ministry of Health is particularly concerned about the situation in Aragon and Catalonia. In this region, regional authorities have invited the inhabitants of the Barcelona metropolis to stay at home. They also decided on Friday to close discos and night bars, considered hotbeds of contagion.

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In this context, most of the regions, responsible for health, tightened the screw by reinforcing the obligatory nature of the mask, which must be worn at all times in the street under penalty of a fine. In some of them, restrictions have been taken locally such as limiting the number of people who can meet or banning visits to nursing homes.

The central government, which assures that this is not a “second wave”, considers that the regions have sufficient tools to control the epidemic and rules out the possibility of a new state of alert, regime exception which allowed to impose mid-March confinement extremely strict which was not fully lifted until June 21.


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