the sky will be unstable this Wednesday

the sky will be unstable this Wednesday

Despite temperatures that can exceed 30 degrees in places, the weather will be unstable or even stormy this Wednesday in several regions.

The weather forecast for July 22.

The weather will be predominantly unstable on Wednesday, with temperatures still reaching 30 degrees. North of the Loire, a cloudy veil will gradually penetrate from the North-West during the day but the weather will remain dry and bright.

To the south, on the Gulf of Lion, the greyness of the night will dissipate in the morning and the Mediterranean regions will be very sunny. In the east, on the north of the Alps, the sky will be cloudy and there will be a few showers in the morning.

Clouds, showers and thunderstorms

In the south-west, however, the day will start under unstable clouds which could locally give rise to thunderstorms. Then, like the day before, from midday, instability will develop in the Pyrenees, especially in the eastern part, in the Massif Central as well as in the Alps. Thunderstorms will then start and may be strong locally and give good amounts of precipitation, even hail. Then they will eventually extend to the plain during the afternoon and evening.

The wind will remain oriented to the northeast near the coast of the English Channel and will blow weakly.

Heat in the south

Minimum temperatures will drop to 7 to 12 degrees in Brittany, Normandy and Hauts-de-France. On the remainder of the northern half, the thermometer will display in the early morning between 11 and 18 degrees. On the southern part, the minimum will be between 16 and 22 degrees.

At the best of the day, in the northern half, the mercury will reach 24 to 30 degrees, cooler on the Channel coast with 20 to 22 degrees. Maximum temperatures will drop slightly in the southwest, with 30 to 33 degrees. It is equivalent in the Rhône Valley and near the Mediterranean, except in the Var where peaks at 36 degrees are expected.

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