The sperm whale is still a prisoner of the illegal network. Anxiety about Fury

 The sperm whale is still a prisoner of the illegal network. Anxiety about Fury

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AGI – There is apprehension about the fate of Furia, the young female sperm whale caught in an illegal net. The tail remains a prisoner of the sword that prevents it from diving deep and swimming properly to get food and move. It has been lost sight of, says Sicilian marine biologist Carmelo Isgrò, who closely followed the case. Coast guard, environmental associations and volunteers have been busy for days without stopping. The story is also followed by the international press, from Great Britain, to Germany, to Russia.

“After the long apneas – Isgrò says – he emerged far from the diving point and it was not easy to identify him on his return to the surface. From that moment, despite the research, he was no longer spotted. We left him many miles north of Alicudi and headed north west. the sea is very vast, and unfortunately it is like finding a needle in a haystack. Much of the net that wrapped it from head to tail has fortunately been removed by the Coast Guard, but still much remains entangled in the tail since he did not let himself be helped“.

The research doesn’t stop, in the hope of a report by some boaters that leads to re-locate the indomitable Fury, whose impetuous nature prevented it from being completely freed. It is, adds the biologist, to remove “the last part of the net that oppresses him to make him go swimming free and happy in his sea”.

Filicudi Wildlife Conservation volunteers are also in action. Even the marine biologist Monica Blasi does not give up, for days committed to helping Furia, together with her colleagues Chiara Bruno, Valentina Caserta, Perla Salzeri and the volunteers and volunteer wings of the research field: “We are only doing our job, that is to watch about her and to provide, during the liberation attempts, scientific data to support the intervention operations. Despite all the efforts of everyone, Furia pushed north and it is not yet free from the damned swords and we have lost track of it because it has begun to make prolonged dives “.

Then the appeal to boaters, fishermen and colleagues to keep their eyes open and report any sightings. After the stories of Spyke and Furia, it is the appeal, “it would be appropriate review fishing regulations and implement sanctions, rules and controls to stop fishermen who still use these nets once and for all. It would also be useful for the scientific community to provide guidelines to the authorities in charge of recovery and rescue operations so as to facilitate them before carrying out these operations “.

Finally, the invitation to everyone: “It would be useful for all of us to eat fish only under a responsible and sustainable fishing brand and not purchased by poachers. An information campaign would be appropriate to provide information to tourists and boaters on the methods of illegal fishing in our islands. These things must no longer happen and we are sincerely tired of hearing that animals like Fury, Spyke, Codamozza… become a symbol, only media events used to make news and then, after a short time, everything returns to normal “.


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