The Spider-Man poster turned into a retro comic that will make you fall in love

The Spider-Man poster turned into a retro comic that will make you fall in love

© Marvel Comics

It is true that very rarely is the original source surpassed, especially when it comes to a good novel or a comic, but there are slight exceptions where adaptations arise that come to conquer the public in equal parts. A good example is the MCU framework that has been preparing Marvel until it became, for sure, the most popular franchise in Hollywood. And within this wonderful world, if there is something / someone who has really conquered from minute one that is the Spider-Man of Tom Holland.

The young actor debuted with his first solo film just three years ago – last 2017 – and is already part of the Avengers’ hard core as if he had been with us all his life. That is why, in tribute to that first installment that he directed so wisely John Hughes An American artist has wanted to put a little more into the Marvel family to Holland’s wall-climber by turning one of his posters on the cover of a retro comic, the true essence of everything.

John Black signs the work of art that you can enjoy below, where, after a series of digital artistic treatments and a lot of work, the result is simply spectacular, as you can see below:

Each character on the poster has been adapted to how the comic depicted it. So for example the Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. appears with longer hair and slight baldness, MJ has nothing to do with the film’s creative freedom or Aunt May is presented with her actual age.


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