The standoff between the journalist and the Chinese ambassador on torture of the Uighurs is live on the BBC

The standoff between the journalist and the Chinese ambassador on torture of the Uighurs is live on the BBC

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LONDON – It was a rare moment on British TV. Andrew Marr, one of the most famous presenters of the Bbc who conducts the political talk “Andrew Marr Show” every Sunday morning this morning has made a lot of talk about himself. As usual live, one of his guests was the Chinese ambassador in London Liu Xiaoming, invited to speak on the Huawei case – whose contract in the United Kingdom was practically revoked by the Johnson government earlier this week – and on the possible retaliation from Beijing.

At one point, however, Marr, surprisingly, showed the ambassador a video of a drone – which went viral online at the end of last year – which according to several western intelligence would show dozens of Uyghurs confined to a detention camp in the Xinjiang province, with a Muslim majority. In the video, the prisoners are blindfolded and tied, to then be taken on some trains with destination to the “re-education camps” where the Uyghurs – according to what he told a service a few months ago Bbc and regularly document ireport of organizations defending human rights – would be subjected to torture, brainwashing, abortions and sterilization for women, for what Beijing critics call a true ethnic cleansing.

“What’s going on here, Ambassador?” Asked Marr harshly, “why are these people tied up, blindfolded and taken on a train in today’s China?” Can you explain it to us? ” Liu replied: “Why are you showing me this video? Where did you get it? Do you know that forty years ago Xinjiang had a population of 5 million and now has 11 million? You accuse us of ethnic cleansing, but the population in the region has more than doubled. ” “Excuse me ambassador,” retorted Marr, “according to your own data, the Uyghur population has plummeted 84% in the past four years. How do you explain it to me? ”, While it also aired the dramatic testimony of an Uyghur woman on the forced sterilization that she and others would undergo.

Liu replied that “forced sterilization is by no means a Chinese government policy, although individual cases may have happened.” Marr went even further: “Ambassador, these scenes could remind you of Germany in the 1930s”, comparing the accusations in Beijing with a mass genocide. All false, according to the Chinese ambassador, “the inhabitants of Xinjiang live a very happy life. China is firmly against torture. Every ethnic group with us has full rights, it is another great success for China “.


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