The uses are outside the WHO

The uses are outside the WHO

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It had been announced and now there is official confirmation. The United States withdrew from the World Health Organization on Monday, days when it notified the United Nations agency of pulling out. The decision will take effect in a year, on July 6, 2021, government sources have specified. An act that changes the prospects of the WHO as the United States is the first financier contributing about 15% of the budget, more or less $ 400 million.

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“We will redirect these funds to other more pressing public health needs,” leaked from the Trump administration. Congress was also briefed. Senator Menendez broke the news with a tweet.

“Congress has received formal notification that POTUS has officially withdrawn the US from the WHO in the midst of the pandemic,” Senator Robert Menendez, leader of the Democrats in the Foreign Relations Commission, wrote on Twitter.

WHO for the USA is too pro-Chinese

The decision in controversy with the management of the coronavirus; Moreover, Trump himself had accused the WHO leaders of attempting to cover up the news of the virus to promote the China and already in April Washington had stopped funding. A decision, taken in the midst of a pandemic, for which the American administration has been criticized at all latitudes.

A financial war is already looming. In fact, from the WHO they say that Washington must comply with all the economic commitments for the current year.

Just shortly after it became known that the divorce had been made official, the WHO director general tweeted recalling the agency’s mission and the importance of financing the fight against coronavirus.


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