They extended the freezing of the salaries of senators and deputies for 180 days

They extended the freezing of the salaries of senators and deputies for 180 days

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The Senate Chamber, which leads Cristina Kirchner, and the Chamber of Deputies, which presides Sergio Massa, they jointly decided to extend the term of suspension of salary increase by 180 days, after the term was met arranged December 27, 2019.

“Due to the economic crisis generated by the pandemic, the National State took a series of emergency measures in order to guarantee that the entire population receives a minimum of income and access to food, preserve jobs and prevent them from breaking the companies ”, sustains the Senate resolution.

They also considered that “since the public emergency, which led to the issuance of the norm in question was aggravated by the pandemic, it is necessary that the representatives of the people share the effort made by society as a whole.”

Meanwhile, the resolution in the Chamber of Deputies indicates that “the emergency situation is still in force”, which suspended salary increases, which was “aggravated by the pandemic” and in “Correlated with the measures that the National State has been implementing with the aim of mitigating the economic impact that this situation generates on the population”, consider the extension necessary.

The first step in this political gesture had been taken a few days after the Economic Emergency law was enacted. That measure was sanctioned with 41 positive votes, 23 negative and one abstention, after 12 hours debate. Then, a few days later, in line with the law, the two Chambers jointly decided to extend the suspension of the salary increase.

That decision, in principle, had come a day after the senators for Together for Change, led by Luis Naidenoff, recognized the demand of a sector of society, which indicated that the political leadership had not joined the “effort” requested by the Alberto Fernández administration.

With this text in hand, the initiative was discussed in the Senate, in what was the first session led by the vice president Cristina Kirchner. The oficialismo managed to treat that law thanks to a tacit agreement with an opposition sector, who went down to the venue and gave a quorum to begin the meeting.

The President, in those days, had recognized that there are “abuse“In politics with those who”we must definitely finish“, But considered that it exists”a preaching to let people know that there is a privileged condition”.

“There is like a preaching to get people to know that there is a privileged condition in politics that truly does not exist. There are abuses, I am not going to say no, and with those abuses we must definitely endFernández emphasized. Speaking to Radio AM 750, he asked to “get out” of the “logic of thinking that there is a political caste”, noting that politicians have “a specific task”.

In this framework, he stated: “We are in a democracy and the mistreatment of politics affects democracy. We have to get out of this logic of thinking that there is a political caste because the truth is that politicians have a specific task, in my case, to administer the State”.

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