“They will not find the PSOE in any attempt to undermine the institutions”


Pedro Sánchez

Pedro Sánchez It has come out this Monday in defense of the monarchy as an institution after the latest controversial information that splashes the King Emeritus, who the President of the Government himself has described as “disturbing and disturbing”. However, just like your first vice president did less than a week ago In parliamentary headquarters, he has ruled that the constitutional model is not in question and that “what our country needs right now is stability.”

In an interview in the Telecinco News, he defended that the Government applauds “everything that the Royal House does in that direction of exemplary and transparency” for cousin since Philip VI ascended the throne. “We must thank Felipe VI, when she began her term as King, she did enough to guarantee that transparency.”

Sánchez recalled that his party, the PSOE, “defends the parliamentary monarchy” and has been “one of the main architects of the constitutional pact”, so, although his position openly clashes with that of his government partner, “they will not find the PSOE in any attempt to undermine institutions or undermine the constitutional framework. ”


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