This is how she found out about the second pregnancy

This is how she found out about the second pregnancy

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Amira Pocher

The Pochers have a busy schedule: not only that Oliver Pocher (42) and Amira Pocher (27) professionally with her TV show “Pocher – dangerously honest” and her podcast “Die Pochers hier!” already have their hands full – no, they also have one little son who on 11.11. last year the light of the world saw. Recently the surprising news: The two become parents again. Even if the joy about it is great, the surprising pregnancy news was no reason to celebrate at first.



Amira Pocher probably doesn’t have to worry about her after-baby body. Even after the first pregnancy, she was red carpet ready in no time – as the following video shows.

Amira Pochers bought a pregnancy test

Actually, Amira thought nothing of it when her menstruation failed to materialize. After all, she had only become a mother in November and the body just takes time for the hormones to return to normal. But there were more and more signs and even Oli spoke to her – and then Amira suddenly wanted to know immediately: On a Sunday she went to the pharmacy with her brother to get a pregnancy test. After she retired to the bathroom, a bitter sob followed shortly afterwards.

Oliver Pocher found Amira crying in the bathroom

In her podcast, husband Oli Pocher describes: “You got this test, went up, did this test.” It was said that it only took a few seconds for Amira’s tears to flow. Oli Pocher then said to his brother-in-law: “I don’t think we have to wait for the test result anymore.” When they entered the bathroom, they found Amira crying bitterly, sitting in the corner.

Two children at 27? Amira Pocher reacts in horror

“Now I have two children at 27”, Amira is said to have sobbed and her husband countered, as always, with little sensitivity: “Wrong! When the child is there, you are already 28.” It is understandable that the 27-year-old was not so happy at first – she revealed only recently about her first pregnancy: “I hated being pregnant. It was a disaster!”

But now everything seems to be going better, in her podcast she reveals: “So far, the pregnancy has been going much better. It started much better than the last one because I am not at all sick. I actually feel fit. That is the nausea is worth a lot. ” Now the initial shock has been overcome – and Amira and Oliver Pocher are happy that their son will soon have a sibling.

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