This is Neverland, Michael Jackson’s amusement park ranch, that nobody wants to buy

This is Neverland, Michael Jackson's amusement park ranch, that nobody wants to buy

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Michael Jackson built his dream home in Neverland.

The singer Michael Jacksonwho passed away on June 25th, 2009, He was not only famous for his way of dancing and his musical successes, but also for his exotic tastes, which are reflected in his cars and even in his mansions.

The most famous property of the interpreter of ‘Thriller’ was located in Los Olivos, California, and it was known as Neverland, name that received by the great liking that Jackson had for Peter Pan, so he decided to adapt it with various elements alluding to the famous Disney character.

The ranch, which was located on land with an extension of 2,718 acres, was acquired by the King of Pop, in the late 1980s, from the real estate developer William Bone.

Bone was commissioned to build the main Tudor-style house of more than 13 thousand square feet of extension, as well as various adjacent properties.

He also focused his efforts on the outdoors, as he was behind the design of the spectacular gardens, the four-acre lake, from the five foot tall waterfall and the stone bridge, which characterized Neverland so much.

After several years of building the house of his dreams, with everything he learned in the construction industry, William Bone decided to sell it in 1988 to Michael Jackson.

In the following years, the famous interpreter continued to make some improvements, until 1990, when he declared Neverland formally inaugurated.

The ranch consisted of a amusement park with carousel, roller coaster and railway, It also had a zoo, movie theater, swimming pool, tennis court, barn, among other amenities.

These attractions were not only installed to be enjoyed by him, but he often opened the doors of his ranch to sick children so that they could forget for a moment about the complicated moments they were going through.

The mansion was so large, that it even hosted weddings, as happened in 1991, with the union between Elizabeth Taylor and Larry Fortensky.

Michael Jackson is estimated to have paid for Neverland between $ 16 and $ 30 million dollars, while its current value has been variable.

In 2015, it went on sale in about $ 100 million dollars; in 2017, an attempt was made to re-sell it on $ 67 million dollars; while in 2019 its value was already $ 30 million dollars, but buyers have been conspicuous by their absence.

Today, the mansion is known as Sycamore Valley RanchBecause it is sought that potential buyers do not relate it to the house in which the deceased artist would have committed various sexual abuses, this being the reason why he would have lost the house, although it is also speculated that it was due to his large financial debts .

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