“This is the first film there will be on their lives”


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A biopic on NTM will soon be released: “This is the first film there will be in their lives”

“Suprêmes”, a biopic about the beginnings of the flagship group of French rap NTM, is to be filmed from the beginning of August, for a theatrical release scheduled for 2021, the distributor announced on Thursday.

Sign of the renewed interest, thirty years later, for the beginnings of rap, a first project on the young years of Kool Shen and JoeyStarr had already been announced, a year ago, in the form of a series by Arte.

The film “Suprêmes” will be directed by Audrey Estrougo, 37, who directed Sophie Marceau in 2016 in “La Taularde”. “It always seemed important to me that a film could be made about the arrival of hip hop culture and what it represented for the generation“Kool Shen and Joeystarr,” she told AFP.

These young people needed to come together in a new culture, which was not embodied in the standards of variety of the time, without diversity. We are in 2020, hip hop has become ultra mainstream (mainstream, Editor’s note). And yet rap remains a scum music“, adds the director.

NTM members “are hyper involved, this is the first film there will be in their lives”, and it will have “a real musical dimension“, she rejoices.

We trust Audrey, with whom we worked on the script, to deliver a film faithful to our beginnings and our history“, commented the two rappers, quoted in a press release from distributor Sony Pictures.

The feature film will retrace in particular the concerts of NTM, until a date at the Zenith in Paris in 1992, a work for which the two actors, Théo Christine (Skam series) and Sandor Funtek (seen in “La Vie d’Adèle”) started to prepare their voices.


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