This is the viral summer shirt and this is how the insiders wear it

This is the viral summer shirt and this is how the insiders wear it

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This is the most viewed shirt in the digital universe. (Instagram @alexandrapereira)

We have started by warning you that we are facing the New t-shirt viral of the summer, but to that all-powerful virtual feature we could add the main reason why this garment has conquered at insiders: It is basic and comes to replace the typical solid color short-sleeved shirt. You do not believe it? You just have to shop around Instagram to check how his power of influence has sneaked into the profiles and the most haunted looks.Authorities in this digital fashion like Emili Sindlev, Thora Valdimars, Leonie Hanne, Alexandra Pereira or Jeanette Madsen are some of the prescriptoras who have sat chair, and today the viral (and basic) shirt of the moment it is so.

Its hallmarks are unmistakable: round neck, plain color, sleeveless and -here is the star detail- with shoulder pads. A twist that comes to change the rules of the game of style marked by the stagnant white short-sleeved shirt and seeks to put the touch of fashonista freshness to our closets without losing that basic essence how much we falls in love.

Thanks to the irruption of this shoulder pad in the looks of weary insiders as your favorite piece comes a new premonition of style, the one that tells us that the fashion of the 80s is about to return to our lives. And to start getting started in the matter, a simple and minimalist shirt suitable for all audiences and different personalities.

Made of a light cotton fabric, the shirt only supports basic shades, those ranging from white to black, passing through gray or khaki green, and only the most daring (and expert) like Emili Sindlev They have chosen to wear it in vibrant colors. To start, try one of the classic shades and go adding colors as you level up.

Once you have a initiation collection, You must learn and follow its user manual closely. To a simple cut shirt what works best are other similar pieces, and with that combo you can create those minimal essence looks for which so much the insiders. Try combining it with jeans, satin midi skirts, shorts or ‘paper bag’ pants.

The last tip? You will win an extra dose of style as long as you carry your shoulder pad inside the bottom garment just like instagramers do.


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