This is why this message is not only pleasant for fans

This is why this message is not only pleasant for fans

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Netflix extends “Dead To Me” by a third season: But this is not only good news for fans

Somehow reminds of “The Kominsky Method” – because even “Dead To Me“Lives mainly from the chemistry of its two main actors,” Dead To Me “has now been extended by Netflix for a third season and it should also have been for” Dead To Me “. Season 3 also means the “Dead To Me” final.

But is that a reason for joy or grief? We’ll tell you!

“Dead To Me”: All good things come in threes

Attention, spoilers for season 2 follow!

Jen and Judy return … And first of all, that’s a good thing, because Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini are just a wonderfully sympathetic (okay, and also deadly) duo, which you damn gladly watch as they struggle through their crazy everyday life and step from one to another.

… and clarify open questions …, because we’ve been with them since the end of season two. We remember: Judy got a lot of money that was well hidden all the time, Jens son Charlie (Sam McCarthy) notices that his risky convertible jaunt in dead Steve’s car (James Marsden) took place – and his twin brother Ben (also Marsden) commits driver flight at the end of Season 2 after crashing into Jen and Judy. There are still a few chickens to pluck!

… until (finally?) there is a degree. And before you cannibalize an idea until nobody wants to know more about it, it is better to stop anyway when it is most beautiful. Playing the twin brother card with Steve’s brother Ben and an admittedly funny double role for James Marsden already in season 2 does not testify to a gigantic pool of ideas from the series creators. Regardless, Jean-Claude van Damme (who kept going through this number throughout his career) would be proud!

Dead to me replenishment is provided

As relevant industry reports report, “Dead To Me” will end with season 3 – the collaboration between Netflix and series creator Liz Feldman however, seems to be just beginning.

After Feldman was most recently signed to “Dead To Me” home broadcaster CBS (for which she also2 Broke Girls“Worked), there was now a multi-year deal with Netflix. It is expected to develop several formats for the streaming giant in the coming years.

Leading actress Christina Applegate, however, makes you want the big “Dead To Me” final: “We think that was the best way to bring the story of the two women to a good conclusion.”

Well then, we are excited! If the publication rhythm is also maintained for the series finale, we can count on the 3rd season “Dead To Me” in May 2021.

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