this rare and tender snapshot of his son Samuel unveiled on the occasion of his birthday (PHOTO)

this rare and tender snapshot of his son Samuel unveiled on the occasion of his birthday (PHOTO)

Arthur: this rare and tender snapshot of his son Samuel revealed on the occasion of his birthday (PHOTO)

Samuel, the presenter’s son, celebrated his 23rd birthday this weekend. Usually very discreet about his private life, Arthur revealed a tender snapshot of him on Instagram on this very special day.

In the space of a few years, Arthur has become a key figure on the small screen. After making his radio debut in the 1980s, the presenter quickly became a familiar face to viewers thanks to Children of TV which he animated in 1993 alongside Pierre Tchernia. Since then, his notoriety has continued to increase and Arthur, who is also a savvy businessman, multiplies projects on TF1. But this busy professional life does not prevent him from also being a dad present for his three children. Samuel (born July 5, 1997), which he had with Léa Vigny, former model, Aaron (born November 11, 2009), fruit of his relationship with Caroline Nielsen, his partner from 2008 to 2012 and Manava his youngest born from his love for the ex-Miss Mareva Galanter with who he lives in since 2012.



A magnificent shot

Oldest boy Samuel celebrated its 23 years this July 5. The presenter therefore wanted to mark the occasion by posting a rare photo of him. On the picture, Samuel hugs his father in his arms, a smile on his face. “Happy birthday my son. I love you”, wrote the host of On Friday, everything is allowed on this touching memory. The opportunity to see that the young man looks a lot like his dad at the same age! This has not been underlined by Internet users, who were ecstatic in the comments. “Magnificent photo filled with love and tenderness, Happy birthday young man”, “It breathes love”, “That he grew up!”, can we read on the publication.

Two fans like no other

Ilona and Emma Smet, the two former stepdaughters of Arthur, who was married to their mother Estelle Lefébure from 2004 to 2008, also wanted to wish Samuel a happy birthday. “Best partner in the monster and jet ski game”, “You are an incredible person, do not change. I am too proud of you”, they commented.

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