This star was originally supposed to play the role in “Becky”!

This star was originally supposed to play the role in

In “Becky” sitcom superstar Kevin James radically alludes to his usual image as the epitome of the average guy – with a huge swastika on the back of his head, among other things. But actually everything should have been very different …

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The “King Of Queens” as a neo-Nazi with a swastika tattoo: This star was originally supposed to play the role in “Becky”!

You immediately understand what Kevin James (“Hitch – The Date Doctor”, “Pixels”) has moved to “Becky“To participate: after more than two decades, in which he almost exclusively achieved success with roles as a likeable buddy, offered himself the “King Of Queens“Star finally got the chance to break out of his roller drawer and try something completely different.

After all, Kevin James plays the nefarious leader of a neo-Nazi group that doesn’t shy away from child murder on its mission – and finally deals with the defensive 13-year-old Becky (Lulu Wilson), which ends in an astonishingly bloody argument: In one scene, James has to sever the optic nerve of his eye, which was torn from the base – with a blunt purple scissors.



All just a coincidence

But as logical as this story may sound – it is not true: Kevin James didn’t even join the film to play the Nazi role, like he did in an interview with Newsday (via Cinema Blend) revealed at the US launch of “Becky”. Instead, he should actually embody a completely different role that falls into his usual figure scheme:

“Many can identify with me as an average type. But if you do this over and over again, the following happens: Half of the viewers want more and more of it, while the other half says: ‘I already know that. He should do something else. ‘”

“I was also enthusiastic about the Becky script, it was something completely different. I was originally supposed to be the father of Becky and Simon Pegg’s villain. But then there were scheduling difficulties on Simon’s side. So they had to fill the role again. We asked ourselves what if I did the part? And then I just did it. “

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“Becky” will be screened at the Fantasy Filmfest this fall – with Kevin James and not Simon Pegg (“Shaun Of The Dead”) as an abysmally vicious psycho-Nazi. In addition, it is not yet clear when the film will be released in cinemas in Germany or released directly on DVD / Blu-ray.

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