Three new cases of COVID-19 detected in Prince Edward Island

Three new cases of COVID-19 detected in Prince Edward Island

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Dr. Heather Morrison, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Prince Edward Island, July 4, 2020.

Three new cases of coronavirus infection have been detected in Prince Edward Island, Dr. Heather Morrison, the province’s chief medical officer of health, said on Saturday.

Prince Edward Island does not had more active cases COVID-19 since May 8. Before the discovery of these three new cases, which brings the provincial death toll to 30 people since the start of the pandemic, no new infection had been identified since April 27.

Dr. Morrison clarified that the three new cases of infection are not related to the arrival in early June of seasonal residents in Prince Edward Island. Nor are they linked to the opening, the day before, of the atlantic bubble, which eliminates the quarantine requirement for residents of the other three Atlantic provinces, she said.

Nursing home worker contracted COVID-19

Two men and a woman have just received a positive test for COVID-19. They are all residents of Prince Edward Island.

One of these patients is a man in his 50s, whom Dr. Morrison described as “essential worker ” He contracted the disease while traveling “outside the region “She said, and became isolated when she returned to Prince Edward Island.

The other two cases are linked, according to public health authorities. It’s a woman and a man in their twenties.

The province explains that the man contracted COVID-19 in Nova Scotia, where he is said to have been in contact with someone who had recently been in the United States. He didn’t feel any symptoms, says Dr. Heather Morrison. He would have returned to Prince Edward Island on June 29.

The woman in her twenties works in a Charlottetown nursing home, Villa Whisperwood.

She had no “direct contacts “With the residents of this home,” said Dr. Morrison, and wore personal protective equipment “appropriate When she was at work. This person left their workplace as soon as they experienced symptoms.

Screening tests for residents and staff

The province announces that all residents and staff at Villa Whisperwood will be tested for COVID-19. Tests have already started on residents, said Dr. Morrison in the early afternoon, and will begin later on Saturday for staff.

Public health officials are also requesting that anyone who visited Villa Whisperwood on Tuesday, June 30, contact the province to have a COVID-19 test, as a precaution.

To limit the spread of lung disease during this pandemic, a person employed in a nursing home or a center for the elderly in Prince Edward Island is not authorized to work in more than one of these establishments.

What impact on the Atlantic bubble?

The news announced on Saturday does not change anything at the moment in the implementation of the Atlantic bubble, of which the Premier of Prince Edward Island, Dennis King, has been one of the strongest supporters in recent months.

Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island, July 4, 2020.

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Dennis King, Premier of Prince Edward Island, July 4, 2020.

Coming into force midnight July 3, this bubble eases travel restrictions for residents of Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador. These people can move from one province to another within the “bubble Without having to isolate yourself for 14 days.

Prince Edward Island has also authorized entry into its territory since June 1 seasonal residents, that is to say people who have a second home on the island.

In recent weeks, people whose car has a license plate from a province other than Prince Edward Island have lamented acts of vandalism and abusive messages in their place. People would even have canceled their Island vacation because of this, asserted last week the Minister of Tourism.

We said from the start, if we have to reverse [sur le déconfinement], We will do it. If Public Health and Epidemiology points us in that direction, we will be ready to make the decision to back off early next week “Said Prime Minister Dennis King during the press conference on Saturday.

Vehicles entering New Brunswick at the exit from the Confederation Bridge connecting the province to Prince Edward Island, July 3, 2020.

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Vehicles entering New Brunswick at the exit from the Confederation Bridge that connects the province to Prince Edward Island, July 3, 2020.

Dennis King noted that the three people suffering from the disease are residents of Prince Edward Island.

The three positive cases announced today, like the previous cases, are Islanders who returned home after traveling out of the province “, He said. “Islanders must remember that these three individuals are Islanders. We have been saying for 13 weeks that COVID is not interested in your license plate or where you come from.

This shows us that, as Dr. Morrison has been saying for several weeks, COVID-19 has not gone away. She is still here and perhaps for the past few days in the province we have believed we are more immune than we really are. This must be an awareness for everyone Said Dennis King.

King said the provincial government will hold a media availability to update the Whisperwood nursing home on Sunday. These press briefings will be daily as long as the situation requires. The public can follow them live on the YouTube channel and the Facebook page of the Government of Prince Edward Island.

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