Tiradentes restricts visitors from this farm

Tiradentes restricts visitors from this farm

© Tiradentes City Hall / Press Release
Tiradentes City Hall intensified control over sanitary barriers to try to control the spread of the new coronavirus, which has already left a fatal victim in the municipality

The Tiradentes City Hall, in Campo das Vertentes, decided to spread, from this Thursday (2/7), the entry of people in the city due to the pandemic of COVID-19.

Second decree issued by executive municipal, “it is forbidden for people, especially visitors, to enter the territory of the municipality except by reason of force majeure.”

Among these justifications are the “acquisition of foodstuffs, medicines, hospital medical products, cleaning products and personal hygiene”; attendance or as a companion to consultations, treatments and exams; bank withdrawals and deposits; and work on essential activities.

In all cases, the use of masks protecting the mouth and nose. The standard also prohibits visits to buildings and houses, except for their residents or persons performing an essential activity or service. The punishment goes from warning to fine, through embargo or interdiction of establishment.

According to the city hall historic, “there will be intensification and extension of sanitary barriers for even more rigorous inspection and curb the flow of people. The city will be closed to any type of visitor. You, the resident, do not invite people to come to Tiradentes, as they will not be authorized to enter the municipality, “recommended the city.” The administration has an understanding of residents, business people and visitors. And, he hopes soon, to be able to receive everyone safely and with great affection. “The municipality has four confirmed cases of COVID-19 and one death. There are still 12 people in isolation at home.



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