Tragedy strikes again the family of little Gabriel Fernandez, tortured to death

Tragedy strikes again the family of little Gabriel Fernandez, tortured to death

The uncle who raised little Gabriel Fernandez for several years before he returned to live with his mother and died under torture, succumbed to the coronavirus.


Mourning strikes again the family of Gabriel Fernandez. The “uncle” of the little boy killed by his mother and her partner in 2013 succumbed to the coronavirus. He was buried in El Salvador, where he was deported after the death of his partner, reports the site Oxygen. The two men who lived in California had lovingly raised little Gabriel for four years. He was entrusted by his mother to David Martinez and Michael Carranza right after his birth but was taken from them after his grandfather felt that a gay couple could not take care of a child. Gabriel was then entrusted to his grandparents and then taken back by his mother and his companion. It was under the blows of the latter, after months of torture, that the 8-year-old child died in 2013. A year later, his biological great-uncle, Michael Carranza died of a cause that did not has not been revealed. David Martinez was then sent back to El Salvador, where he recently contracted covid-19. “It was my baby. I had never known grief before he lost his life. I will love him until I die, ”commented David Martinez in the documentary series dedicated to the death of the child and available on Netflix.

The death of little Gabriel Fernandez shocked the United States with its violence, before moving the whole world after the release of the documentary series. In particular, the role of social services was called into question. Despite alerts from the child’s schoolteacher and visits from social services to the little boy, officers felt that Gabriel was not at risk in staying at home. In 2018, the child’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, who had pleaded guilty to first degree murder, received a life sentence while her boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre, was sentenced to death.

Unbearable tortures

NBC had reported at the start of the trial of the mother and stepfather that for 8 months, Gabriel had been tortured after Isauro Aguirre moved to the family home in 2012. Ezequiel, the child’s older brother, recounted how the couple agreed to abuse Gabriel who was regularly locked in a small closet – ” the box ”- fists bound and gagged, deprived of food or water for hours. He also did not have access to the bathroom or the toilet. Worse still, according to Ezequiel’s testimony, Isauro Aguirre used an air rifle against the child until he passed out. He also called him “gay” as he punched him. Ezequiel had added that the couple, who laughed when they hit the child, had threatened to do the same if he tried to intervene.

In tears, Gabriel’s sister had also described the horrible torture suffered by her brother when she was 11 years old. She recounted how he was hit with bats, a golf club, a metal hanger and how he was even hit with a rifle in the mouth. Virgina also remembered that the child was regularly forced to wear pink to go to school. Gabriel was found dead in California, naked, with a cracked skull, broken ribs, severe burns and air rifle balls buried in his body, one of which had lodged in his lung.

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