Trump campaigning from the White House

Trump campaigning from the White House

President Donald Trump speaks from the White House July 14, 2020

It started with a warning to China. He quickly switched to what was apparently the real reason for his press release: Joe Biden.

Standing behind the presidential podium installed in the gardens of the White House, Donald Trump, dressed in his emblematic red tie, transformed a press conference into a campaign meeting on Tuesday.

President Donald Trump speaks from the White House July 14, 2020

President Donald Trump speaks from the White House July 14, 2020

“It’s Biden! Biden has drifted to the radical left!”

In a long disjointed monologue of almost an hour, the Republican billionaire, trailing in the polls behind his Democratic opponent 110 days before the election, let burst his frustration.

Reading a long list of proposals from the former vice president, he quipped, attacked, and painted the apocalyptic picture of an America under the Biden presidency.

“I can hardly believe I’m reading this!”, He says. “Listen to this!” He said a little later.

Diplomacy? “Joe Biden’s entire career has been a gift to the Chinese Communist Party! (…) Biden has taken the side of China against America countless times!”.

Immigration? “All the people of South America are going to land!”.

The police? “Terrible things are happening in New York, I love New York, it saddens me.”

The environment? “As vice-president, Biden was one of the most fervent defenders of the Paris climate agreement”, storm Donald Trump, who is pleased to have withdrawn the United States from this text signed by almost – all the countries of the planet.

According to him, this agreement would have “destroyed the American industry while authorizing China to pollute the atmosphere with impunity”.

Joe Biden’s family?

“Where’s Hunter by the way?” Said the president, resuming a line of attack that worked wonders a few months ago in the “Make America Great Again” meetings.

It refers to the entry of Hunter Biden, one of Joe Biden’s two sons, on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company when his father was vice-president.

– “Very good” surveys –

The former New York businessman alternates attacks against his opponent with the promotion of his balance sheet, going from cock to donkey.

He claims his firmness in trade negotiations with Europe: “the European Union was created to take advantage of the United States”.

He praises the effectiveness of the wall built on part of the border with Mexico in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic: “it was timely, it prevented people from coming from very infected places”.

He praises his reaction to the virus: “we have saved millions of lives”.

It promises a rapid, very rapid exit from the health crisis. “We are progressing very well on the vaccine (…). We are ready.”

The first question is the one everyone is asking in the face of this strange exercise in which it is difficult not to see the frustration of a president who fears that he will not be able to serve a second term, unlike his three predecessors, Barack Obama , George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.

“Do you feel like you are losing?”

“No”, he replies, assuring against all evidence that the polls are “very good” and that this election, “perhaps the most important there is”, is going well for him.

“I think the enthusiasm is much stronger than in 2016,” he insists, assuring that his supporters are silent but will go to the polls en masse on November 3.

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