Trump plans to postpone the US presidential elections in November

Trump plans to postpone the US presidential elections in November

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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has suggested this Thursday the possibility of postponing the presidential elections in the North American country, arguing that there is a risk that they will be “imprecise and fraudulent” due to the voting by mail system.

“With the universal vote-by-mail system (not the absentee vote, which is going well), the 2020 elections will be the most fraudulent and imprecise elections in history. It would be a great shame for the United States. A postponement of the elections until people can vote properly and safely? “asked the US president, in a message published on his personal account on the social network Twitter.

Trump’s suggestion is unprecedented in recent history. In the United States, the date of the presidential elections is always set for the first Tuesday of the first full week of November. There are no precedents in the last decades of the postponement of a presidential election in the country.

Trump’s message comes after he has cast doubts about the validity of the vote by mail and at a time when the country is completely marked by the coronavirus pandemic, which leaves more than 4.4 million people infected and more than 150,000 fatalities on US soil.


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