Trump’s threats are a risky example

Threats to US cities: Trump's risky example

The US president threatens democratically governed cities with the use of federal officials – against their will. This is a dangerous election campaign. A comment.

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Not interested in solution: US President Donald Trump.

An American crisis, authoritarianism, an attack on democracy: the reactions to the announcement by US President Donald Trump to have federal officials invade cities ruled by Democrats are clear. However, its threats are also too clear: three months before the election, they are the desperate attempt of the weakening incumbentto turn the sheet. Donald Trump goes “all in”.

To do this, he relies on the topic of violence in big cities, which he hopes will make his followers, who live more in rural areas, shudder – and drive massively to the urns. Trump deliberately mixes them Protests against police violence and racism with the wave of violence that shook many cities in the wake of the corona crisis and rampant unemployment.

The “radical left” that should actually rule these cities simply let “anarchists” and violent criminals grant, he sounds. The situation is “worse than in Afghanistan”.

And if Joe Biden wins in November, the whole country will go under. He would not allow that. He will restore “Law and Order”.

In Portland the president demonstrated last week what he meant by that. Unidentified, heavily armed federal officials had taken protesters to the city, which had not come to rest after the death of African American George Floyd. Their use was ordered against the will of the local authorities.

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He is now examining such missions for Chicago, New York, Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia, Trump announced – all big cities that are ruled by Democrats and in which many African-Americans live.

The mayors and governors, whom he wants to “help” with, thankfully decline. They have more than enough to do with the combination of protests and escalating firearms violence.

The US president is not interested in solutions

They accuse the President of fueling anger and violence with his actions – in order to then want to benefit from them. Just like he did with his crackdown on peaceful protesters in Washington Demonstrated in early June.


This president is obviously not interested in solutions. Instead of finally sitting down with the “Black Lives Matter” demonstrators on his doorstep to talk about how the tensions can be de-escalated, there has been speechlessness for two months. Instead, new barriers around the White House are being pulled up.

And instead of looking for strategies together with the mayors of the cities plagued by violence, he insults them and threatens them. This is election campaign – the most dangerous variety.

Video: “Hero” and “Titan”: Tribute to civil rights activist John Lewis (Euronews)

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