VATSO Association met with the press

VATSO Association met with the press

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Van Trade and Industry Business Association (VATSO) met with the press members in the city for promotional purposes.

Van Trade and Industry Business Association (VATSO) met with the press members in the city for promotional purposes.

VATSO President Zahir Kandaşoğlu, who met with journalists with his management at a hotel breakfast, made statements about the association. Stating that important business people of Van gathered within the association, Kandaşoğlu said that their aim is to take Van further in every sense. VATSO name of Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with the decision by the management of a competition result made after the construction of the building is considered stressed Kandaşoğlu, “Three universities participated in the competition as a result VATSO name and logo, was accepted by the board. So VATSO, both in Turkey “Even a 7-year-old boy knows what VATSO is today,” he said.

Stating that the VATSO Association has been established at the request of 264 business people who have been serving in different sectors in Van for years, Kandaşoğlu said, “As VATSO, our only aim will be to serve with this. I did not knowingly make any mistake in this country. If I was in Van Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “If I hadn’t thought about my science, had not thought about this geography, had only thought of myself, I would have been a 5-term MP and maybe I would have been a minister. Don’t look, I’m a high school graduate, but I believe I will do better work than anyone else in the world.”

Stating that one of the biggest problems of Van is the lack of a lobby for the city, President Kandaşoğlu continued:

“Non-beltway in Turkey, another no cities without a stadium. I would not like Van if it were the lobby is strong. Buck up against not steep but we will. We will share our city problems and troubles. We do not come together. Business people outside the province, foundations, NGOs They cannot unite, because everyone has a different account, everyone is pursuing a different account. VATSO will do this work. We established our association with the slogan ‘Van will win’. We will follow our problems and troubles in Van and share this with the authorities. Our aim is to protect the identity of this province, to introduce the most attractive province of the region. In this sense, we want to walk with you. ”

Kandaşoğlu added that they will increase the number of 264 members up to 5 thousand as soon as possible and stated that the mistakes to be made in Van will no longer be tolerated. Stating that it is an advantage to have 17 regional directorates in Van, President Kandaşoğlu said, “We will never accept the mistakes made in Van from now on. No institution or organization will definitely work for his own person. There are about 17 regional directorates in our province. These regional directorates; “Nobody will come and work in these institutions, in their own politics, for their own interests. This association will criticize them very harshly.”

The program ended with a question and answer. – VAN.


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