Venezuela, Berlusconi attacks Maduro: “Trample human rights”

Venezuela, Berlusconi attacks Maduro:

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Silvio Berlusconi called on the international community to respond to the “extraordinary gravity” situation in Venezuela. Not only that: the Cav has spurred the Italian government to free itself from the veto posed by the 5 Star Movement and join the other European countries in the firm condemnation of Nicolas Maduro.

The leader of Forza Italia thus motivated today’s vote in the European Parliament in favor of a motion on the crisis in the Caribbean country. “What happens in Venezuela it is of extraordinary gravity “, wrote Berlusconi in a message published on his Instagram profile.

Berlusconi’s analysisThe dictatorial regime of Maduro, Berlusconi himself continued in his soul, trampling i human rights and it is a system in which “rights and freedoms belong to the state, which can revoke them”. In other words, the Venezuelan system is the exact opposite of “our liberal system”, based instead on the “sacredness of the person” and “his natural rights”.

“For this reason – concluded the Cav – I voted together with colleagues from the European People’s Party motion which censors what is happening and asks for an answer from the international community to restore democracy and restore freedom to Venezuelan citizens “.

As if that were not enough, for today’s vote, Berlusconi represents an opportunity for redemption also for theItaly that “because of and by choice of the Cinquestelle”, he was the only one of the great European countries that “did not take a stand for democracy in Venezuela”.

According to the president of FI, the Italian government has made a “very serious mistake” preventing Europe from “speaking with one voice” and “supporting the legitimate requests of democratic forces“, acknowledging the interim president expressed by the Venezuelan Parliament.

The drama of communism”With this vote, a clear political will is demonstrated – Berlusconi reiterated – Venezuela, as in other countries, the communism proves to be a drama of the present and not only of the past “.

In today’s session, the European Parliament approved a motion which “firmly rejects violations of the democratic, constitutional and transparent functioning of the National Assembly”, the parliament of which the opponent Juan Guaidò claims the presidency.

The Chamber also rejected “the acts of intimidation, violence and arbitrary decision “against the opposition deputies, the appointment of the new National Electoral Council and the suspension of the leaders of the political parties of the anti-government front.


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