Venezuela resumes radical quarantine to contain coronavirus

Venezuela resumes radical quarantine to contain coronavirus

With more than 6,500 confirmed cases and 59 deaths, the South American country is under pressure from neighbors like Brazil and Colombia, where the spread of covid-19 is exponential.

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Venezuelan Communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez announced measures

Venezuela will return to the “radical quarantine” starting this Monday (07/07), after a week of easing in some regions, informed Communication Minister Jorge Rodríguez.

Presenting on Friday the daily balance sheet of the covid-19 pandemic in the country – which included two deaths and 264 new infections in the last 24 hours, totaling 6,537 confirmed cases and 59 deaths -, Rodríguez stressed the need to “maintain the epidemiological siege” to prevent the spread of the disease, which multiplied in June.

This return to quarantine is part of the “seven by seven” scheme, according to which a week of confinement and a week of flexibility are applied. In half of the territory, however, the government maintained the ban on leaving and circulating, without the week of relief, in order to “cut” outbreaks of transmission in various regions.

Cases of covid-19 have grown more rapidly in recent weeks due to the “pressure that Venezuela is receiving for the exponential growth” of the disease in neighboring countries, said Rodríguez. Brazil and Colombia surpass 1.5 million and 109 thousand cases, respectively.

Among the infections detected in the last 24 hours, 60 are “imported”, as the government records Venezuelans who return home infected and are kept for weeks at land borders.

Of this “international” total, 48 cases come from Colombia, four from Brazil, two from Peru, one from Ecuador and the other five are citizens who within Venezuela had “contact with international travelers” who were infected.

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