We can’t go on too long

We can't go on too long

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After the announcement of the extension of the emergency aid, President Jair Bolsonaro said, live on Thursday night (2/7), that “we cannot continue for long”. The president cited the costs and once again called on governors to open trade. “It is R $ 50 billion per month. We are getting individualized,” he said.

Caixa’s president, Pedro Guimarães, celebrated the income transfer project. “We are finalizing the calendar. There are 65 million people and just over R $ 50 billion. On average, they are receiving R $ 900, because family leaders receive R $ 1,200. It is a great help,” he said.

Masks PL

The president took advantage of the live to say that he vetoed some points of the bill (PL 1.562 / 2020) that obliges the population to wear face protection masks on streets, private spaces of public access. “It forced me to use it even inside the house. We mourn the dead, but the story of the lockdown, the goal was just for hospitals to prepare to receive the infected. of the ICU. Now the big problem we have is the lack of jobs “, he said.


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