“We record videos like that famous one from Sky News every day”


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Josemari Gálvez, local police of Chipiona, piloting one of the drones that watches capacity of the beaches of the Cadiz municipality.

Chipiona has been in the international spotlight since Sky News images of the sweep of one of the Local Police drones offered a security image of the Virgen de la Regla beach, the most crowded in the Cadiz municipality. Everything to counteract the image in the United Kingdom of uncontrolled pandemic in Spain.Chemari Gálvez, a native of El Puerto de Santamaría (Cádiz), is 42 years old and has 14 years of service as an agent. He is one of the drone pilots, who weighs 350 grams and has a built-in speaker. You cannot lose sight of the device for a second. Flights are short, maximum 30 minutes, but also continuous, in morning and afternoon shifts. The maximum distance from the base, where the pilot is, is three kilometers.

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Á.RoldánThe impressive images of the Andalusian beach from a bird’s-eye view have gone viral on social networks

Five other Chemari colleagues carry out capacity control and surveillance of the ten beaches in the municipality. Chipiona (from a census of 19,000 inhabitants, an hour’s drive from Seville) has 14 kilometers of coastline. Periodically, a panoramic view of each beach is carried out and the spaces are observed in case the beach must be bounded or closed. “When 90% is reached, cut. It has not happened to us this summer yet, although there are days that we have been ready, ”Gálvez tells this newspaper.

“Better than expected”

The day of the taking of the video that was broadcast by the British television channel and which was replicated virally on social networks was Saturday, July 25 at 12:43 p.m. At that time the beach capacity reached 70% and you can see how beacons were placed on the sand every five meters. There are also entrance and exit corridors on the seashore to avoid people crossing.

“Acceptance of social distance norms are very good, surprisingly better than expected. People are being very civic and they ask the vigilantes of the Junta de Andalucía where they have to be placed. When there are large groups they are perpendicular ”, explains the local police. An ‘app’ from the town hall also helps the capacity to be met.

Josemari Gálvez, local police in Chipiona, with the drone in his hand.

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Josemari Gálvez, local police in Chipiona, with the drone in his hand.

Josemari Gálvez, local police in Chipiona, with the drone in his hand.

The drone that records these images can fly up to a height of 120 meters. In general, it does not fly more than 30 meters high, although in the viral video it does so at 65 meters. It is a drone that doesn’t make too much noise and that many times not even the tourists themselves perceive their presence.

And these unmanned aerial vehicles are not only used to control the beaches, but to search for lost children, to locate pickpockets. The thermal camera and its high intensity focus help this service. It also provides a control service for young people who practice the bottle (prohibited since this week in Andalusia).

The driving force behind the initiative is Deputy Inspector Rafael Márquez. “It didn’t take me long to convince the politicians,” he says.

The City of Chipiona created a year ago a drone unit specialized in urban infractions now applied. The driving force behind the initiative is the deputy inspector Rafael Marquez. “It didn’t take me long to convince the politicians,” she says.

To the President of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, the shots taken by the Chipiona drone convinced him. “Andalusia is a safe destination and an example of responsibility. These impressive aerial images taken by SkyNews are proof of this. We ask the UK Government and Prime Minister Boris Johnson to think and reconsider their decision,” Moreno wrote on his Twitter account.

The drones of the Cadiz municipality will continue with their work the rest of the summer. In Cádiz capital they are already using it. It is expected that other Andalusian localities begin to develop this system, although later it will not be a reference television network that broadcasts the distance on the beaches.


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