“We will not shake our hands in taking the necessary measures”


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The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig.

The President of the Valencian Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has asked for a “plus of social and political responsibility” to Valencians against the virus and for the recovery of the Valencian Community, and regretted that “In some cases, respect for the virus has been lost.” In an institutional statement this Saturday, he warned: “We will not shake our hands in taking the necessary measures.”

Puig has urged citizens to take extreme protection measures against the increase in cases of Covid-19 registered in the last days. At the same time, he has urged reaching agreements such as the Social Agreement that the Council has signed this week with the unions and employers to “build our future” from “the union, without partisanship or divisions that will hurt us.”

In an institutional message delivered this Saturday, the head of the Consell has warned that we are “at a crucial moment for the present and future of our land.” “A delicate moment in the fight against the pandemic, which has acquired a worrying turn in the whole of Spain“and, at the same time,” a hopeful moment for social and economic recovery, which is living its decisive hour in Europe and in the Valencian Community with the agreements in progress. ”

In reference to the situation of the pandemic, Ximo Puig has warned that the virus “is still there, it has not gone away.” For this reason, it has called on Valencian citizens to “Recover the levels of individual responsibility that you showed in the worst moments of this emergency. “” We cannot admit relaxation. It is not worth disregarding the rules of health authorities and experts. Because whoever fails with recklessness is making us all fail, “he said.

The clubs in Madrid open their doors today after confinement.

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The clubs in Madrid open their doors today after confinement.

The President thanked the “great sense of sacrifice and responsibility” of the vast majority of the Valencian population. “But, in some cases, we have lost respect for the virus, and this is a mistake that we are obliged to reverse. Because if not, we will take steps back that will compromise public health and slow recovery, “he said.

“Unfortunately, there are weeks and months in which new cases will appear “, The president has pointed out, who has regretted the loss of 1,477 Valencians. However, he has urged to avoid alarmism, to stigmatize the municipalities with new positives, and to distort the real image of the Valencian Community.

Puig has stated: “We have to take perspective: We have 386 people in ICUs and today they are around 10; we had 2,200 hospitalized and now there are 60; and we touched on 6,000 active cases and now there are 600,” stated the head of the Consell , which has also highlighted that today “We are much better prepared than at the start of the pandemic.”

“Because citizens already know what they are facing and how to better protect themselves and because the Generalitat has been deploying, for weeks, a powerful Health Contingency Plan that is being effective, despite everything,” he said. Specifically, the President has highlighted that, as reflected in the plan, the Valencian Community is the one with the most trackers, 1,008, expandable to 1,200. The ability to perform PCR has been increased to 14,000 tests per day. And the virus alert network has been expanded by analyzing wastewater from the main municipalities.

Likewise, “the sanitary insoles have been increased by 10,000 people, there is a 6-month reserve of protection materials, with 200 million units, and there are three auxiliary hospitals and 400 new ventilators to cover 1,200 ICU beds. “” Now we are much more prepared to detect the virus, encapsulate cases, protect the population and care for patients who need hospitalization, “he said.

Totana masks

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Totana masks

However, the President has warned: “We will not shake our hands when taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We will not shake our hands to do whatever it takes. “” Because, he assured, we have a priority: protect ourselves from the virus and guarantee the health of Valencians. This, above all else. But we also have an obligation: to consolidate the economic reactivation and to intensify the social rescue of those most affected by the impact of Covid-19. ”

On the other hand, Ximo Puig has valued “the agreement in progress”, referring to ‘Alcem-nos’, the great agreement for the revival of the Valencian Community signed “between the unions, employers and the Valencian Government”. This next week, he explained, The second great pact of ‘Alcem-nos’ will be signed. “An Institutional Alliance between the Generalitat, the Provincial Councils, the 4 big cities, and the 542 municipalities represented by the Valencian Federation of Municipalities and the Municipalities of the Interior.


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