‘What lies beneath this rush’

'What lies beneath this rush'

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‘What lies beneath this rush’

Former Minister of Culture Fikri Sağlar, one of the important names of CHP politics, made harsh criticisms about CHP 37th Ordinary Congress to be held in Ankara next weekend.

Sağlar said the following to Hürriyet:

DO NOT PROPERLY AT THE KAPKAÇ LAYOUT: “I think it is not right to hold the Congress in such a snatch. It has not been explained for what reason. It is called the “Ruling Congress”. The ruling congress is publicly visited. This is the mission of the CHP. The reasons for holding a congress in which the public cannot go and even all of its delegates cannot be in the hall are not valid.

PARTNERS ARE AMAZED: There are those who have contributed to this party, have survived with their leftism and Atatürk mission. They say Honor Members. There is no understanding that they cannot enter and they set up a tent. What understanding does the CHP convention on power go? The sane citizens of each party and the Republic of Turkey, Turkey’s founding element of the CHP’s present conditions are surprised to make such convention. We do not understand what underlies this rush.

THE SEAT SEVDA IS SOMETHING SOMETHING: Both the Political Parties Law and the CHP Regulation say that the congress can be extended for a year. The love for a seat is something like this. This is the inability to get out of your seat. In unfavorable conditions, it is not right to hold a congested and snatching congress.

YOU CANNOT TELL ME PEOPLE AND COLLECT THERE THERE: The people who are accepted as the Honor Committee in the Party Statute are people who served this country and the party, each of them managed in a timely manner, as ministry and mayor. You cannot say that I build tents and gather them there. This is disrespect for the CHP and its body. The place of these is convention, not outside the convention. You cannot distinguish between my men and the former CHP members. It is a great disrespect for the party to separate the Honor Board and the existing ones. Society does not accept this. In addition, a tent would be set up in the press. This is disrespectful to the press. The third is the candidates for the Party Assembly. Tents will be set up for them, and delegates will come and sign in the tent. Tents troupe no chance of coming to power in Turkey of an understanding as presented. Will people trust them? They have to come back from this dangerous trend. We expect a movement worthy of the CHP from Kılıçdaroğlu and delegates.

I WORKED MORE FROM KILIÇDAROĞLU: The fact that people with this understanding are in charge at the party is an obstacle for the CHP to be in power. They think they won the mayors, but that is not so. The reason they got the mayors is because the people vote despite them. I worked more than Kılıçdaroğlu in the election of the mayor. A lot of people like me… They sat in office rooms, we worked in coffees and villages. Put the right holders in the tent, entertain the place holders on the floor like the royal suite.


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