What time and how to see Live the Singing for a Dream 2020

What time and how to see Live the Singing for a Dream 2020

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X-ray of the jury of the Singing 2020, which starts this Monday at 22:30 by El Trece.

This year it became a challenge for television. Live shows had to find strategies to avoid spreading coronavirus although sometimes it was unsuccessful. However, La Flia, the producer of Marcelo Tinelli, bets on being able to do a fifth edition of the Singing for a Dream, since it is not possible to maintain distances in a dance contest.

The program that begins this Monday, July 27 will be hosted by Angel of Brito and Laurita Fernandez, who will have to comply with a strict protocol. Before entering the study, they must go through a sanitizing booth and all staff will take their temperature. We work with the minimum necessary number of people and disinfect each sector on a regular basis.

The production promised to keep the fewest figures in front of the camera, in which it will be the only moment where people can remove their chinstrap. The jury, made up of Karina the Little Princess, Nacha Guevara, Moria Casán and Pepito Cibrián and the coaches, will be separated by acrylic barriers. The microphones will be disinfected before and after each song, and the floor will have marks so that everyone respects a distance of two meters.

Ángel De Brito y Laurita Fernández conducirán Cantando 2020.

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Ángel De Brito and Laurita Fernández will lead Cantando 2020.

The reality begins this Monday, July 27 at 10:30 p.m. on the screen of El trece and becomes the great competitor of Jesus, the successful Brazilian series of Telefe that manages to lead that time slot. The show will air Monday through Thursday.

This fifth edition has the participation of 20 couples made up of a celebrity and a singer. Miguel Angel Rodríguez with Lula Rosenthal; Dan Breitman with Florencia Anca; Laura Novoa with Patricio Arellano; Melina Lezcano with Juan Pérsico; Gladys the Bomba Tucumana and her son Tyago Griffo, are some of the duos.

Among the debutants are Lizardo Ponce, Mariana Brey, Brian Lanzelotta and Ángela Leiva. Floppy Tesouro, Carmen Barbieri and Adabel Guerrero return to the track to seek revenge.

Lola Latorre y Lucas Spadafora, los jovenes de 19 años, que prometen ser una revelación del Cantando 2020.

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Lola Latorre and Lucas Spadafora, the 19-year-olds, who promise to be a revelation of Cantando 2020.

The first program, as is the custom of the producer, will begin with a special opening. Karina La Princesita, Damián Córdoba, Rochi Igarzárbal, Germán “Tripa” Tripel and Flor Otero will take a tour of popular national music themes.

Before the premiere, Clarion got the list with some of the songs that celebrities will represent at the first gala. The person in charge of opening the singing contest will be Barbieri with I love you so, theme in tribute to Sergio Denis.

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Karina Jelinek, who already created a scandal before the first program, (asked for a change of partner, because she was not satisfied with the tone of voice of Cristian Fontán, her original partner and will now sing with Manuel Victoria), will interpret The silly by Jimena Barón. Lizardo Ponce journalist and instagrammer, will debut with Nothing was an error, a Coti Sorokin pop classic.

The first edition of Singing was held in 2006, as a segment of Showmatch, led by Tinelli. Iliana Calabró managed to take the victory. The following year Tití Fernández established himself as the winner. In 2011 the format was part of the program Saturday Show, which were driven by José María Listorti and Denise Dumas. The victory was for Patricio Giménez, Susana’s brother. The last installment was in 2012, when Fabio “La mole” Moli took the title of champion.

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