What will the vacation rental be like in the summer of the coronavirus

What will the vacation rental be like in the summer of the coronavirus

Tourism is one of the areas that has suffered the most since the emergence of the coronavirus.

Within this, the vacation rental suffers, and in what way. Thus, lThe bookings made fell in Spain from the 126,000 registered at the beginning of February to the 40,000 that were only two months later., according to statistics from the tourist data provider Airdna.

At that time, in the first days of April, the cancellations came to full in the client portfolio of numerous companies in the sector. In the absence of guarantees to travel, millions of people who were planning to do it in summer chose to cancel their hotel or apartment reservations, especially foreign visitors.

Million-dollar losses in vacation rental

The Spanish Federation of Associations of Housing and Tourist Apartments (Fevitur) estimated in the middle of that month some accumulated losses of 448 million euros derived from the Covid-19 crisis in Spain, indicating that it will be 2.9 billion at the end of the year.

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The tourist housing sector gives up half the season and it expects a start of activity in a staggered manner that will allow it to start operating in June, with an entry of reserves for the last quarter of the year and that represents a beginning of recovery for 2021, “they explained from the management.

Some recovery in June and July

The forecast made from Fevitur was correct: reserves stood at 158,000 as of June 15. Again, considering the data they handle at Airdna. Although the numbers improve, in many cases the damage has already been done and the comeback will only come in the long term. For example, with tools like the health passport, which is presented as a possible solution to revive tourism.

In the first fortnight of July, the occupation in the tourist vacation rental will reach 60% on average, according to the data provided by Habtur; the main employer of this accommodation.

40% of the tourist apartments in Barcelona, ​​for residential rental

The Catalan capital is a good example of this. Not in vain, 40% of the city’s tourist flats are now in the traditional rental market, as collected by the Hosteltur portal, taking figures from the Association of Tourist Apartments of Barcelona.

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Thus, of the 9,600 properties registered for this activity in Barcelona, up to 3,900 homes have been converted to residential rental and the remaining 5,700 floors “will seek to respond to tourism arriving in Barcelona in the coming months, when the market can be reopened definitively,” says Enrique Alcántara, president of Apartur.

Residential rent, strong in Almería and Alicante

However, while vacation rental falters in certain destinations, this form of property rental keeps the pulse of other areas. This is the case of Alicante, an area in which cancellations were barely 10% above normal at the end of April, just as David García Gea quantified, CEO of the vacation rental platform Sonneil Rentals on the website of the Association of Tourist Apartments of the Costa Blanca (Aptur).

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Regarding May, the cancellation percentage did shoot up to a range of between 40 and 50%; while in June it returned to 10% two months earlier.

From cancellations of foreigners to Spanish reservations

Yes, cancellations are more or less high depending on the nationality of the tourist. “If they are from countries with very restrictive measures, they do cancel the reservation. For example, the Russian client is canceling. The one from France or Italy is not, because he still hopes to be able to come,” continues García Gea.

Change of profile in the vacation rental

In fact, the key to sustaining the pulse of tourist rental in certain provinces is precisely that cancellations made by foreign visitors are transformed into reservations made by national travelers. “90% of what we had in 2019 came from outside Spain, while this year all foreigners have canceled … minus a single client “, admits Mónica Sánchez, Remax Indalo coordinator in Las Negras (Almería).

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Shorter or shared reservations

In addition to corroborating that a profile change occurs regarding the origin, the expert consulted notes that “the reservations were before for fortnights, now they are weekly”. In the same way, “reservations shared, for example, by two couples with children, are today at 60%, being less frequent before the arrival of the coronavirus, “he adds.

Houses with private pool, terrace or garden

“It is a client with clear things. It does not negotiate the price, which, by the way, we have not modified compared to the previous summer, but it does have certain requirements: the pool, the terrace or the garden that are private are now a priority. So much so, that it costs more work to rent properties without any of these extras. They are looking for big houses with all the services to avoid having to go out, “says Mónica Sánchez.

Special hygiene measures for the Covid-19

The Remax Indalo agent also highlights that, currently, they receive a greater demand for information regarding the cleaning that they carry out in the properties by those interested in renting. “Everything has become more comprehensive. We used to disinfect before, although now more. We have removed curtains and rugs, as well as installing ozone machines to improve air quality“, develops.

“After the cancellation of reservations, We have had no problem renting everything we offerThey have taken away our hands “, he ends.


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