White House cafeterias closed for coronavirus case

White House cafeterias closed for coronavirus case

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The White House in Washington DC. EU, on July 21, 2020. Xinhua Photo

Washington. Two cafeterias on the White House grounds were closed after a food service employee tested positive for a coronavirus diagnostic test.

Pamela Pennington, spokeswoman for the United States General Services Administration, assured that in those facilities there were the pertinent health measures, such as the use of masks and gloves, plastic screens in the boxes and the prohibition of eating inside the cafeterias.

He added that the White House doctors tracked the contacts of the sick person and determined that the risk of contagion is minimal.

Numerous employees of the White House and President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign have tested positive for the virus, including one of the president’s personal valets, the vice president’s press secretary, several Secret Service agents and event organizers.

The president, vice president, and their top advisers are regularly tested for coronavirus.


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