Who doesn’t have memories of grandma’s house?

Who doesn't have memories of grandma's house?

Do you have a better memory than seeing an object that resembles your grandmother’s house? In times of social isolation, the elderly are the ones who have been most deprived of contact with the family because they are part of the risk group. Here, we still lost two – both my husband and I were unable to say goodbye to our grandmothers right at the beginning of the pandemic: his was due to the covid19 and mine due to the early discharge from the hospital due to the possibility of contracting the virus .


© Provided by Estadão

Caquinhos floor appeared in the 1940s (photo: Histórias de Casa / Pinterest)

These objects that bring us such a good affective memory can and should be part of the decoration. Especially because they became very emblematic and gained new reading from creative and contemporary concepts. Here are some examples that make us travel back in time and give us a feeling of grandmother’s embrace.

Mud filter

Fresh water in the tin mug. Everyone used it – imagine that habit in times of virus proliferation. The clay filter appeared at the beginning of the last century and is still considered one of the best in the world for filtering water. The creator? It appeared in São Paulo, but the identity of the creator remains unknown until today …

© Provided by Estadão

How about a modern reading for the traditional clay filter? (photo: Organized Designer / Pinterest)

Rocking chair

The one that comes to my mind is a model of those very heavy mahogany chairs, whose spring made a “nhec nhec” while my grandmother crocheted while watching the soap opera. Today there are so many different models that it is difficult to choose. The main thing, however, is that it has a seat with a good density foam and a resistant coating.

Copper pan

My other grandmother, who was from Minas Gerais, used to use the copper pot to soak clothes. No use of washing powder: it was soap made from lard. At home, I placed an alcohol burner in the center of the pot I inherited from it and covered it with white stones. So, I set up my portable fireplace.

Floor of caquinhos or granilite

Both the caquinhos floor and the granilite emerged from the assembly with leftover broken pieces. The first is derived from ceramic plates, while the second has in its composition stones such as quartz, marble or limestone. Both were widely used in the 1940s and today are even found as wallpaper.


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