Why is Friend’s Day celebrated in Argentina and what relationship does it have with the arrival of Man on the Moon

Why is Friend's Day celebrated in Argentina and what relationship does it have with the arrival of Man on the Moon

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Friend’s Day: in Argentina it is celebrated every July 20 (iStock).

There are small friendships and huge friendships. Passenger friends and friends “forever” with whom you walk the path of life. friends from work with which a close bond is forged and others who only -and no less- were close at a difficult or happy moment.

There are friends to go out for fun and also friends for reflection, those who put their ears and know how to advise. And they don’t hesitate to ask for advice. Friends of childhood, friends of adulthood and friends of childhood and adulthood.

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There are many kinds of friends and they are all important. But Why is Friend’s Day celebrated in Argentina and how is it related to man’s arrival on the Moon?

Is Friend’s Day Argentine?

Just as mothers, fathers, grandparents and children have “their day”, so once a year the value of friendship is celebrated. In Argentina it is July 20When, as in a ranking of memories and lived emotions, the list of friends, those who are and those who were before.

En Mendoza, como en medio país, se puede festejar con cuidados.

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In Mendoza, as in half a country, you can celebrate with care.

But why is the Friends day in Argentina? July 20 is the Friends day in our country but also in others, at the initiative of an Argentine, the multifaceted Enrique Ernesto Febbraro. And the explanation goes back to 1969, or actually even earlier.

The idea of ​​celebrating the Friends day It was an old occurrence from his youth years, in the early 1940s, when this dentist and professor of Psychology, Philosophy and History, in addition to being a musician, worked as an announcer on Radio Argentina.

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As he himself once told in an interview with the newspaper La Voz del Interior: “In those times the government gave us a list of the celebrations that had to be called up every day. It was a huge number of patriotic, military, political dates, but no virtue was celebrated. When I started looking for what day to celebrate, it always coincided with some nonsense… ”. And the subject was pending.

2020. Un Día del Amigo en web./ Shutterstock.

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2020. A Friend’s Day on web./ Shutterstock.

Many years later, on July 20, 1969, while, like millions of people in the world, Febbraro was witness to the historical man’s arrival to the moonHe found the ideal argument to convince many on the planet that friendship should be celebrated. For him, the image from the television broadcast of American astronauts stepping on the lunar soil, and the fact that the entire planet was watching their movements, represented the deepest sense of the friendship.

A small step for a man, a great leap for Humanity“He heard the giant Neil Armstrong say from his black and white television. And those words were even more enlightening for Febbraro, who interpreted in them an authentic gesture of man as friend of the universe.

“The friendship as a maximum virtue for the disinterest implicit in it, a symbol of transparency and authenticity such as the bond that unites people who deserve to be called friends”, Then defined the creator of this date in different interviews.

20 de julio de 1969. El Hombre la Luna fue la inspiración.

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July 20, 1969. The Moon Man was the inspiration.

Before Apollo XI returned to Earth, Ernesto Febbraro had already taken action to promote the celebration internationally. He had finally found the day: it should be July 20, in tribute to the man’s arrival to the moon. From his office in Lomas de Zamora, the dentist started a campaign that consisted of sending a thousand postcards to personalities from one hundred countries – his membership in the Rotary Club helped in the “crusade” – and eight out of ten recipients applauded the initiative.

Excited about the good response he had received from abroad, Febbraro asked his own friends for help, in addition to contacting politicians, representatives of the Church, the media and local public bodies determined to get him to declare himself July 20 as Friends day in Argentina.

Ten years later, on February 20, 1979, the Province of Buenos Aires issued a decree (235) giving it an institutional date: “The celebration of the Day International of Friend, to be held on July 20 of each year ”.

Enrique Ernesto Febbraro luchó por el Día del Amigo.

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Enrique Ernesto Febbraro fought for Friend’s Day.

Since then, the Friends day in Argentina it is celebrated on July 20, as do Chile, Uruguay, Brazil and Spain, where thousands of friends They meet in houses, bars and restaurants to toast their friendship.

When is it celebrated in other countries?

Despite the good reception that the proposal of Febbraro – who died in 2008 at 84 years old – had at the time, July 20 did not remain as the official date in the whole world of Friends day, or Friendship.

In Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Ecuador and Cuba, for example, It is celebrated on February 14th along with Valentine’s Day; while in Bolivia they celebrate it on July 23 for an old commercial greeting card campaign and in Peru, on the first Saturday of July at the initiative of a beer brand. In the United States, Canada, Great Britain, India, Malaysia and Indonesia, meanwhile, Friend’s Day is the first Sunday of August.

In 2011, in addition, the UN established July 30 as the global date of the International Day of Friendship, “In search of the friendship between peoples, countries and cultures, to present an opportunity to build bridges and inspire peace initiatives ”. The initiative arose from the World Friendship Crusade, based in Paraguay, which he proposed that day since 1958.


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