Why she is considered an LGBT icon

Why she is considered an LGBT icon

This Tuesday July 7, TF1 broadcasts the second part of “Jurassic Park”. In the movie’s poster, Julianne Moore has become a true LGBT icon during her career thanks to her commitments. No Stop People tells you more.

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Julianne Moore: Why she’s considered an LGBT icon

The first one trilogie Jurassic Park continues on Tuesday July 7 on TF1 with the broadcasting of the second opus “The Lost World: Jurassic Park”, directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1997. Four years after the first installment, the billionaire John Hammond retries the adventure with an island deserted, close to the park, where prehistoric animals live in freedom. With Dr. Ian Malcolm, a new team will join him with Dr. Sarah Harding, played by Julianne Moore. With a rich career, between blockbusters, comedies and dramas, the actress has also become over the years an LGBT icon.

A strong commitment

In addition to having played several gay characters in her films, Julianne Moore has always shown herself committed to the LGBT cause. From the early 1980s when she participated in protests against the government’s lack of response to the spread of HIV, her participation in awareness projects or her role in the film “Safe” in 1995, passing by his commitment to same-sex marriage. Before it became legal in the United States in June 2015, Julianne Moore had joined the #IDO movement of the Lambda Legal organization to promote equal rights for LGBT people. In a video to get the message out, the actress said, “We will keep fighting until we are all really equal. We can do better. We must do better.”

Sensitive to this cause for many years, she confided in 2011: “Everyone has the right to marry the person they love and to build a family (…) I can’t believe it took so long to recognize that. ” Through her positions, her support and choice of role in the cinema, Julianne Moore has thus become a promising voice until being considered as a gay icon. “They are my people. The gay community has a huge taste. It is very flattering,” she said in an interview in 2002.


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