With these three makeup tips, your eyes will look bigger!

With these three makeup tips, your eyes will look bigger!

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Let’s not kid ourselves: make-up is there to cheat! Thanks to the right concealer, we can compensate for impurities Mascara emphasize the eyes ideally and even optically enlarge the lips with a good technique. It should make you feel good and make you feel even more comfortable. That is why you can use the make-up options directly to your advantage and make up small eyes with simple tips.

We have found out which areas of the eye you need to pay attention to, which products are most effective and which tools you can use to make tired eyes look more awake.

These three tips help make small eyes look bigger!

1. Shaped eyelashes

Shaped eyelashes may seem like a trifle, but they have an important effect when it comes to making your eyes look bigger. If the hairs stand straight forward, they form a screen over the eye and compress it visually – this effect is even enhanced by the use of dark mascara. So to open the eye, it makes sense to use the Eyelashes bend upwards with eyelash curlers before makeup. In this way, they automatically ensure that they no longer cover the eye and thus make it look larger.

2. White kohl

A white kohl can make a big difference with small eyes – because thanks to this product you can work with an optical illusion. To do this, paint the waterline with the kohl so that it serves to enlarge the dermis. In order to intensify the effect again, the line can also be led a few millimeters beyond the outer edge. This make-up tip is especially useful if you want to get darker Eyeshadow wants to grip and needs a balancing part – in combination with the use of a highlighter and shaped eyelashes, the eyes look big and awake.

3. Highlighter

Didn’t you sleep well? Then a highlighter can be the solution for a glow and a fresh look. It is applied to the skin on the inside of the eye and thus creates a point of light in this area. The bright coloring optically enlarges the eye and at the same time looks much more awake. This tip can also be a great way to continue in the summer Make-up to do without and to make the face without makeup look a bit fitter.


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