Woman killed by great white shark, extremely rare attack

Woman killed by great white shark, extremely rare attack

The health crisis is boosting the motorhome market in Europe

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the habits of European holidaymakers. Due to uncertainties and travel restrictions, most of them will spend their vacations in their country. According to a recent survey, 90% of Spaniards plan to do national tourism and 83% plan to use their car rather than public transport. But the other summer trend is the craze for motorhomes, campervans and caravans. Several countries have seen sales jump since the end of containment. Fabrizio Muzzati, boss of the specialized Spanish travel agency Aquiestoy Caravaning, assures us that many people who had never thought of spending their holidays in a motorhome are now considering it. “The whole world is looking for a feeling of security. A lot of people will try, given the circumstances,” he says. An argument that decided Eleuterio Gómez and his companion to leave soon in a motorhome: “Of course, we will take all the precautionary measures and physical distancing, but between being in a place with lots of people, and eating alone in your motorhome, I think the safest thing is to stay in your motorhome, “says the Spanish holidaymaker. “Since the deconfinement, there is a real craze for the motorhome, everywhere”, rejoices François Feuillet, president of the European Federation of motorhomes (ECF). “The motorhome is freedom, savings and ecology. Now we can add health security, and that, for us, is blessed bread,” he says. A fundamental trend The Spanish Association of Mobile Homes and Motorhomes has seen a 20% jump in sales in one year. But the phenomenon can be seen across Europe. In Germany, the main market of the Old Continent, more than 10,000 new motorhomes were registered in May, an increase of 32% over one year. France saw 3,529 new registrations, an increase of almost 2%. If the health crisis of the coronavirus has accelerated the trend, this craze for converted vehicles is older, as explained by Franck Willie, commercial director of Benimar – the main Spanish brand of motorhomes: “In Europe, we feel an evolution towards a younger audience, a more athletic audience. Overall, all the countries are operating in Europe, and we can see that there is an increasingly strong demand in the countries of the East. ” And if sales take off, so do rentals. According to the specialized platform Yescapa, motorhome bookings in Europe have increased by 60% compared to last year. Beyond this trend, some also believe that the Covid crisis will accelerate the disaffection for mass tourism. “This pandemic will change the habits of people because they will be less willing to go to crowded places,” said Fernando Ortiz, director of Benimar. “Not just because of the risk – eventually we’ll find a vaccine – but because people like being able to change their plans at any moment, while traveling. And it will probably last.”



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