Xamax has started its reassembly operation

Xamax has started its reassembly operation

Stéphane Henchoz celebrated his return to the Maladière bench with a draw against FC Zurich. The negative series is interrupted.

For his return to Neuchâtel, Stéphane Henchoz (on the right) was greeted by Ludovic Magnin, trainer from Zurich.

Neuchâtel Xamax interrupted its negative streak Tuesday evening. After conceding four defeats – certainly against the big arms of Super League -, the team of new coach Stéphane Henchoz has picked up a point which, if it will not necessarily make the difference at the time of the final count, is always good to take .

The psychological shock therefore worked relatively well on the Maladière side. In fact, it was a decided Neuchâtel team that took the match on its own. And the opening of the score fell like ripe fruit in the 23rd minute, after a superb collective action initiated by Djuric, pursued by Ramizi, then Kamber, and concluded by the inevitable Nuzzolo (eleventh goal of the season for No. 14 de la Maladière).

But, as too often lately – this was the case against Basel and then St. Gallen, the Neuchâtelois did not manage to keep this advantage for very long. Five minutes later, Nathan indeed managed to escape the Neuchâtel defenders to conclude with a head kick kicked by Kololli.

In the second half, Xamax continued to dominate its business, but without being really sharp. And the biggest opportunity is to put in the assets of the FCZ, when Koide served Winter, completely alone in front of Walthert. But the Neuchâtel goalkeeper brilliantly interposed (66th).

By gleaning this point, the Neuchâtelois did not succeed in abandoning the red lantern. But they demonstrated that they had triggered the refurbished operation under the aegis of Stéphane Henchoz.


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