You can see a new comet crossing the sky with the naked eye this month in Quebec

You can see a new comet crossing the sky with the naked eye this month in Quebec

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The sky honors us with its show every night, when we can there observe the stars and the moon. For one of the few times since the start of the 21st century, a comet called NEOWISE has approached Earth and you can see it with the naked eye for much of July.

Besides, it is visible from all over Canada if you know when and what time to give your full attention to the colors of the sky.

It was first discovered on March 27, when astronomers saw it through a telescope.

According to whatsays NASA, it seems that the comet has survived its passage near the sun and that is why it crosses the solar system to approach our planet.

As this is not a situation that frequently happens, this is your chance to take advantage of it if you are able to get up around 3:30 a.m. during the next sunrises.

The space agency has argued that the comet NEOWISE is visible early in the morning every day of the week in the northeast horizon, directly where the sky lights up.

You could watch it at dawn until it goes higher in the sky around July 11th.

From the following week, around July 12 to 15, it will be in the early evening that it will be possible to see it with the naked eye in a northwest direction.

There are still risks that it breaks on its trajectory due to the warming in the atmosphere it crosses.

If you want to capture this moment, take out your best camera, because you could take a picture of it by playing around with the exposure settings.

Otherwise, there are still several days left to take advantage of this. rare phenomena which is larger than life. The ensuing fatigue is worth the extra effort.

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